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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lethal Novartis Vaccine Repackaged

Monday, October 19, 2009
Lethal Novartis Vaccine Repackaged

source: theflucase

Has the lethal Novartis vaccine that killed people in Poland been repackaged as the Celtura "swine flu" jab?

The Aflunov "bird flu“ vaccine that had to be withdrawn from the market in 2008 after it appears to have caused the death of a number of homeless people following medical trials close to Krakow, Poland, in 2008 contained the adjuvant, squalene, and seems to have been repackaged by Novartis as Celtura for use as a "swine flu“ jab.

Celtura is due to be used in Germany and Switzerland only.
Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after they gave 350 homeless people in Poland what appears to be a vaccine made by Novartis called Aflunov or Fluad H5N1 vaccine.

The homeless people took the vaccine for about 2 euros under the impression it was a normal seasonal flu vaccine.
A clinical trials database lists the clinical trials for Novartis’ Fluad H5N1/Aflunov as taking place at the Centrum Badań Farmakologii Klinicznej monipol, Kraków, Poland, 30-969.
Some of the trials due carried out on 4000 people were apparently conducted at a homeless person’s home where large numbers of people died.

Crucially, Aflunov is also listed under the clinical trials base as the vaccine being tested by the University Hospitals, Leicester in July 2009.

The principal investigator is Karl G. Nicholson, who published a positive study on Novartis’s Celtura with Dr Iain Stephenson in the New England Journal of Medicine this September.

Celtura is due to be given to people in Germany and Switzerland under special national licensing arrangements with the German Paul Ehrlich Institute and the Swiss Swissmedic organisation.

An April 2009 press release from Novartis shows that Aflunov was resurrected after it had to be withdrawn from the market in June 2008 and Novartis execs proposed it had potential to to treat the "swine flu“.

Has Novartis repacked its Aflunov as Celtura? Oddly, there is almost no information available on Celtura even though it was recommended this month for use in Germany by the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

Aflunov/Fluad H5N1 contains the adjuvant MF59, squalene.

The MF59 adjuvant is also a component in both the „swine flu“ jabs from Novartis, Focetria and Celtura (MF59C.1).

Aflunov had to be withdrawn from the market by Novartis in June 2008 following a complaint by the "Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use" (CHMP):

“The CHMP was concerned over the way the main clinical study was carried out. An inspection of some of the study sites showed that the study had not been conducted in compliance with 'good clinical practice' (GCP). Consequently, the study results could not be considered reliable and could not be used for the evaluation of the vaccine. As a result, the size of the clinical database for the assessment of the vaccine's safety was not sufficient to fulfil the requirements of the EMEA's guidelines on prepandemic vaccines.

Therefore, at the time of the withdrawal, the CHMP could not conclude on the benefit-risk balance of Aflunov,” says the official report.

Michael Pfeiderer from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the government body responsible for approving drugs in Germany, had said in a report in a medical newspaper that he expected Aflunov to receive its final approval for marketing in the autumn of 2008 - shortly before it killed people in an incident uncovered by the Polish police.

According to a Novartis document from 11 September 2007 (Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics Growth and Innovation), Aflunov submitted to the EMEA on 6th November, 2006, and had passed all three clinical trials and was about to be registered.

The fact that the lethal Aflunov contained squalene is bound to raise fears about the use for the first time of squalene in the swine flu jab.

The vaccine adjuvant, MF59, is not licensed in the USA or UK.

MF59 contains SQUALENE, which causes autoimmune diseases.

US and UK subjects injected with an anthrax vaccine contanining MF59 reported a range of autoimmune and other diseases.

The squalene adjuvant ASO3 is to be used in the pandemrix vaccine from Glaxo Smith Kline.

Vaccines containing MF59 and ASO3 do not have the Emergency Use Authorisations issued as yet, but this could change.

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