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Monday, October 19, 2009

Squalene Adjuvant In Swine Flu Vaccine.
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Leer completo en: Squalene Adjuvant In Swine Flu Vaccine.

I did a little research about Squalene Adjuvants in vaccines and I came across a post of some DVs talking about their experience with Squalene Adjuvants and their knowledge of them. This post comes from a lady that was injected with twice the amount of of Squalene Adjuvants from a Anthrax vaccine and formed Ovarian cysts and a man replied after she asked if it was caused by the Squalene Adjuvant which is basically a Oil from sharks that they use in biochemistry and pharmaceuticals.

This is very important to note. I found out about this from the post from e-mail blast about it. You can read more about their position in court by –> Clicking Here

-Simranjeet Singh
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For the past half century, peer-reviewed scientific research has documented how animals injected with oil-based adjuvants develop a variety of hypersensitive (allergic) and autoimmune diseases. They also develop cysts. This has also proven true in humans. In the 1960s, nearly a million people in England were immunized with an influenza vaccine containing an oil based adjuvant. I believe the oil was mineral oil. The manufacturer voluntarily withdrew the vaccine from the market when approximately 40 patients developed sterile (non-infectious) cysts that in some cases had to be surgically removed. I am unaware of any research showing how quickly cysts can develop after immunization with an oil adjuvant.

In science, a correlation does not prove causation. A correlation, however, is grounds to investigate causation, which has led to some troubling data.

After the first Gulf War, many U.S. and British military personnel said they became sick after receiving anthrax immunizations. Scientists at Tulane University Medical School developed an assay showing a correlation between illness and antibodies to squalene. Although this data did not prove conclusively that Gulf War troops were injected with squalene, the data indicated that injection was the only way to develop these antibodies; the implication being that troops had been injected with a squalene-based adjuvant. This coincided with the fact that at the time, U.S. Army scientists had developed several new and theoretically improved anthrax vaccines that provided more immunity than the licensed vaccine; and did so in less time and with fewer shots. All these new anthrax vaccines contained squalene. I interviewed dozens of Gulf War veterans whose mysterious undiagnosable illnesses were later diagnosed by civilian physicians as autoimmune. Of the sick Gulf War veterans tested by Tulane’s scientists, 95% had antibodies to squalene. Tulane’s data showed another correlation, and this one concerned them even more. Veterans who never deployed to the Gulf had developed chronic and debilitating illnesses too – 100% of sick,non-deployed veterans tested by Tulane had anti-squalene antibodies. When Tulane tested healthy veterans, they found that 0% had the antibodies; that’s zero percent.

In 1998, active duty military personnel deploying to an AOR (Area of Responsibility), which included Saudi Arabia and South Korea, were injected with anthrax vaccine. Many personnel reported sickness after their immunizations, which were later determined by FDA testing to contain trace quantities of squalene. The Department of Defense and the FDA stated that these quantities were too small to harm anyone and that the nanogram quantities of squalene in the vaccine probably came from the eggs in which germs for vaccines are grown. There was a problem with this explanation. Viruses are grown in eggs; bacteria are not. Anthrax is a bacteria. Then the DOD and FDA suggested the squalene came from the bacteria itself. However, scientists had analyzed Bacillus anthracis and proven that it does not produce squalene. DOD then offered a third explanation: the oils in human skin contain squalene; someone’s hands must’ve contaminated the vaccine. The problem with that explanation was that vaccine workers wear gloves and hats and booties. The other problem is that oil and water don’t mix. Nevertheless, trace quantities of squalene had been emulsified in millions of vaccine doses. It wasn’t found smeared on the exterior of glass ware. It was in the vaccine. Special detergents must be added to an oil to break it down sufficiently to mix it with water. What DOD and the FDA left out of their explanations was this. In 1998, the DOD, FDA and NIH formed a Special Working Group to accelerate the development of the Army’s new anthrax vaccine containing squalene. Also that year, NIH scientists published data, which indicated, they said, that animals can become “tolerized” to squalene with micro-dosages. Coincidentally, nanogram doses of squalene, parts per billion, appeared in the military’s anthrax vaccine supply that same year, in 1998.

Military personnel injected with anthrax vaccine containing squalene have been reporting that they developed cysts, appearing all over their bodies. Among the first to report this were Air Force personnel at Dover Air Force Based in Delaware, which had received at least four lots of anthrax vaccine containing squalene. One fellow developed cysts all over his body, including his pericardium. Another fellow developed them on his spinal cord. These cysts were similar to those in British civilians injected with the flu vaccine containing mineral oil, because they were “sterile” – they were not associated with viral or bacterial infection.

Department of Defense and Health and Human Services regulations permit the administration of experimental drugs and vaccines to U.S. military personnel without informed consent. In contravention of the principles memorialized in the Nuremberg Code, the administration of Invesigational New Drugs (INDs) can be done covertly, in clinical trials that are classified. This is stated in unclassified documents issued by the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services.

Since the early 1950s, U.S. military scientists – working in cooperation with scientists with the NIH, FDA, and U.S. Public Health Service – have been testing cyst-producing oil-based vaccine adjuvants on U.S. military personnel.

Reactive arthritis/Reiter’s Syndrome is associated with bacterial infection. Have you asked your physician why your arthritis is considered “reactive” as opposed to autoimmune?


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