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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mandatory Flu Vaccines?

Mandatory Flu Vaccines?

by Steve Barwick

As I’ve written before, my greatest concern is that the federal government will ultimately impose mandatory flu vaccines on the American public, using the Swine Flu “crisis” as a fig leaf for doing so.

Already we’ve seen in the last few weeks frightening news reports that “children are dying,” antiviral drugs are “growing scarce” and flu vaccine production is “running behind” – each sensationalistic report carefully orchestrated to create a state of panic and fear in the American public.

Under Obama’s emergency declaration, federal funding can now be used to set up “emergency sites” in schools and community centers throughout America’s cities for the purpose of vaccinating and/or treating Americans.

A Repeat of 1976?

I saw this once before, when I was an idealistic young man working for the City of Huntington Beach’s Council on Aging, which was the city’s senior citizen program. This was in 1976 during American’s very first Swine Flu outbreak.

The flu outbreak struck, and although the flu itself seemed relatively mild at the time, the propaganda machine was cranked up – backed by the scare-mongering news media, Big Pharma and the federal Health and Human Services program – all declaring that untold death and destruction would follow if Americans failed to get their flu shots.

The “safety” of the flu shots was stressed in every TV commercial and news broadcast. Experts were trotted in to assure the public the shots were “fully tested” and “perfectly safe,” and that it was your public duty to get vaccinated. And millions of Americans lined up around the blocks to get their flu shots “before they ran out.”

Horror Story

Of course, we set up vaccination sites at the local senior citizen center. And we rounded up our local senior citizens and started getting them inoculated. And this same scenario was played out in virtually every city across America.

But within weeks and sometimes just days thousands of Americans who got vaccinated began coming down with strange symptoms; nervous ticks, followed by poor coordination, difficulty walking or using one’s hands and arms, followed by paralysis and even death.

As public outrage over the fiasco grew over the ensuing weeks, then-president Ford was forced to call a screeching halt to the vaccination program. After all, it was he who had declared a national emergency and ordered the vaccination program into full swing. And now the public outrage threatened his presidency.

Here’s a brief video from the television investigative news program 60 Minutes describing what happened, and how the Swine Flu vaccination brought misery, pain and paralysis (and some 300-plus deaths) to America:

A Dishonest Promotion?

Then-Congressman Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia, who was a medical doctor, said at the time: “I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax that finds its roots in frightening the American people. . .I believe that a full investigation of those in charge should be launched. . .and if it turns out to be a dishonest promotion, everyone responsible should be removed from their jobs.”

Dr. Ron Paul, MD – later to be Congressman Ron Paul of Texas – stated at the time that the vaccine campaign was, “An evil political maneuver…blatant advertising efforts to panic people into taking swine flu shots…The program should be stopped, and those who were responsible should be held morally accountable to the American public.”

Of course, the propaganda machine was cranked up once again, and America was assured that the strange symptoms plaguing so many who had received the flu vaccines were “unrelated to the vaccine” and would be “investigated.”

Eventually, the federal government was forced to set up Swine Flu vaccine compensation fund, and billions of dollars in claims were filed by victims of the “Swine Flu” fiasco for the neurological damage (and some 300-plus deaths) they suffered. Over time, the government ruled that only some 25 deaths were officially attributable to the vaccine, as well as a few hundred cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, resulting in some $90 million in damages being paid out to the victims.

Economic Recovery Plan for Big Pharma?

So who profits from the current 2009 Swine Flu vaccine program, and who’s paying for it?

According to ABC News, “As always with pandemic flu’s, taxpayers are footing the $1.5 billion check for the 250 million swine flu vaccines that the government has ordered so far and will be distributing free to doctors, pharmacies and schools.”

Ah yes, taxpayers are footing the bill, and Big Pharma is reaping the profits.

According to Business Week, “Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is set to reap billions as fear of the swine flu pandemic grows. The world's second-largest drug company has secured orders from 16 countries for 195 million doses of the vaccine it is developing against the H1N1 virus, which has killed more than 740 people worldwide.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The swine flu vaccine isn’t coming off the assembly line as fast as public health officials would like. But the vaccine, whenever it arrives, will still bring in billions for the companies rushing to bring it to market. This morning’s Boston Globe cites an estimate that put global orders at $7 billion, spread among vaccine makers including Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, CSL and AstraZeneca’s MedImmune.”

According to the Boston Globe, “For a handful of drug makers, including the Novartis AG vaccine division in Cambridge, the global effort to combat the swine flu is turning out to be good business, bringing them a $7 billion windfall.”

In other words, the Swine Flu vaccination program amounts to a personal economic recovery program for Big Pharma, whose stocks have been hammered in the recent economic downturn.

Grants Immunity from Lawsuits

What’s more, on July 17, 2009 the Obama administration granted complete immunity against lawsuits to all Swine Flu vaccine makers, earning Obama the nickname, Barak Opharma.

So in spite of all of the protestations that this time around the Swine Flu vaccines are safe, safety is of no real concern to the vaccine makers. They are untouchable, legally. Even your right to a jury trial has been eliminated!

So have the vaccines really been “safety tested”? According to a press release from vaccine-maker GlaxoSmithKline, “Clinical trials [for the Swine Flu vaccine] will be limited, due to the need to provide the vaccine to governments as quickly as possible. Additional studies will therefore be required and conducted after the vaccine is made available.”

So much for the vaccine’s “proven safety.”

And by the way, the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are included in the immunity granted vaccine makers, in spite of the fact that countries such as Japan have already banned the use of these drugs in children due to horrific psychological problems they’ve caused, including mental instability and the development of suicidal tendencies.

Public safety is not the concern. Protection of pharmaceutical industry profits is. You have to decide for yourself who you can trust under these circumstances.



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