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Friday, October 23, 2009

Baxter Applied for Swine Flu Vaccine Patent One Year Before the Swine Outbreak

Baxter Applied for Swine Flu Vaccine Patent One Year Before the Swine Outbreak

Baxter Drug Company Profits Increase due to Swine Flu Vaccine Scare

Czech Republic Refuses Swine Flu Vaccines on Safety Grounds

As previously reported Baxter drugs in March allowed contaminated vaccines to be distributed to 18 countries in 2008 by a laboratory in Austria owned by Baxter. The batch was accidentally tested on ferrets and this revealed that the vaccines contained a deadly LIVE VIRUS which would likely kill people. This was Baxter’s release of the H5N1 avian flu virus and the ferrets all died.

The Czech Republic questioned whether Baxter deliberately released these deadly vaccines to 18 countries and started a pandemic with the vaccines themselves. Many health officials in many countries questioned Baxter’s integrity and what appeared to be a deliberate release of a deadly vaccine.

In fact Baxter combined the deadly H5N1 virus with another virus H3N2 which is the seasonal flu virus which made the virus more airborne and more likely to spread quicker.

There are lawsuits pending in other countries and Baxter is charged with “deliberately” and intentionally releasing dangerous ingredients in their vaccine products.

Not a very good track record is it? In fact Baxter’s European application for these dangerous vaccines have still not been approved but they were quickly approved by the FDA in the USA.

The added bonus for drug makers is that they are completely safe from lawsuits and have had the US government pass laws that you cannot sue a drug company for vaccine damages even if it caused your own death.

No one is really monitoring vaccine safety except for the European Union.

Dennis Quade Sued Baxter -But You Will Not Be Able to Sue ( Courtesy of TMZ)
You may recall Dennis Quaid sued Baxter drugs for misleading labels and his lawsuit because it almost killed his newborn twin babies.

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