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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Abortion caused by "swine flu" vaccine in Sweden - again!

Sunday, 06 December 2009 18:07

Abortion caused by "swine flu" vaccine again!
A woman in Sweden was pregnant in the ninth month when she was talked into taking the "swine flu" vaccine by doctors. Two days later she gave birth to a perfect but lifeless son.

"- I was longing so much to hear my child's laughter and cry", Zahra Abdelkader said.

She had been to recent check ups and everything was normal and the child was perfectly healthy. Zahra, who earlier had decided not to take the vaccine, was talked into it by staff at the local hospital where she had her check ups made.

"-Before I got the shot, everything was fine with my child. I don't know how I will be able to live with this but I have to share my experience so that other women will not be exposed to the same thing. I believe it was the vaccine that killed my baby."

Ingemar Persson, senior expert at the Swedish Medical Products Agency commented the horrible death in a statement: "- we have examined four cases earlier of women that have reported abortions after vaccination. we have looked very carefully on each case and concluded that it has nothing to do with the vaccine."

Sweden is the country with the highest number of vaccinated people. The trust in authorities is strong and media has effectively blocked out any criticism against the mass vaccination in an extraordinary propaganda campaign spanning all major news papers and TV-stations. Sweden is traditionally one of the most vaccine friendly nations where almost every child gets vaccinated at birth. The debate about vaccines and their dangers is ignored and gets very little attention by media.

Swedes are also susceptible to tricks played against them like "offering" something for free or to scare tactics and fake shortages. All these factors together with the massive media propaganda campaign and cover up is the reason why so many Swedes get the poisonous injections.

Johan Niklasson

Original article


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no words to express my feelings. I'm so , so sorry.
I,ve been working for month's now on this vaccine. It is so sickning, how so many woman are loosing their baby's due to this vaccination.

There's nothing I can say, to support Zahra. I do know, the gouverment will do anything to cover up, that the vaccination was the cause. That's how it works in Europe now. The farmaceutical industry's are no longner responsible for harm or death due to their vaccinations. That was the reason why I wanted to research this vaccination, because it just did'nt feel right. Sadly enough, I was right.

Dear, dear Zahra, contact me. I want to work on this because I predicted this could happen. And it does; worldwide woman are loosing their unborn baby's after the Mex. flu-shot.

Please Zahra mail me on: I'm from the Netherlands and I'm working worldwide on this dangerous vaccine.


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