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Sunday, December 06, 2009

off Topic but Important

Full Damage Control In Copenhagen
By Jacek Szkudlarek MD for RBN and The Corbett Report

Copenhagen, November 29. 2009

Danish media very consequently and shamelessly pretend that the revelations of the hacked e-mails have not taken place at all. This is a non-event. That the leading climate resarchers have by all appearences changed the data in order to convince the World that it is REALLY warming is not important for Danish journalists. Nor is it a problem for the organizers.

All media outlets in Copenhagen are full of captivating details about the upcoming summit. “Where is Obama going to sleep? Maybe in Oslo, BUT WHY???”. “Schwarzenegger is coming, fine!” ”Denmark is going to earn a lot of money due to the bew, green technology – and save the Earth at the same time. How wonderful!” The journalists outdo each other in descriptions of how important it is that the meeting succeeds and all the representants sign on the dotted line.

Danish official, state-owned TV’s website does not mention the CRU-scandal at all. For the Danish counterparts to ”New York Times” it is business as usual.
The readers are informed that German friends are going to help Danish police and one can expect German police cars in the streets. Swedish and Dutch contingents are coming too.

German police will support the Danish colleagues by stepping up controls at the German-Danish border crossings to prevent “undesirables” to reach Copenhagen and demonstrate their opinions on the ”climate change”.
“Copenhagen’s citizens are going to see personnel carriers with “Polizei” in the streets” warns the leading newspaper “Berlignske”. Bookmakers are taking bets on whether the police will be using water canons.

Democracy in action…

Front pages are properly decorated with pictures of German anti-riot police cars and smoking chimneys.
All the media sing in unison that “…The Copenhagen Diagnosis, concludes the world’s leading climate scientists that the planet might one warming that is even stronger than the most pessimistic scenario from the UN climate panel IPCC….Scientists estimate that global warming may be at seven degrees by 2100 if the world leaders do not sign the treaty….Scientists estimate that global warming may be at seven degrees by 2100 if the world community does not significantly favor.”

Damage control at its best.

Some but by no means all outlets inform in the midst of their editions, in small print, on the hacked emails. The tone is very clear:
“….A criminal, punishable offense is done (by hackers, that is)….. Let us hope that the criminals are tracked so they can get their deserved punishment …… Imagine that all mails you have written and received have been published! You would be angry and you would be hurt …. The intention is obviously to muddy the image of a broad consensus in climate science in the vain hope that weak politicians will listen to the result of a criminal act .. .. And everything is timed just before mankind MUST make its perhaps most crucial decision since the Second World War….”

I happen to have enjoyed communist propaganda for almost 30 years of my life. I recognize the voice. This is the Soviet “PRAVDA” speaking again. A new, multimedial and colorful as opposed to the grey-black original.

Make no mistake. The communists are at the helm again and it is going to be very hard to explain to them that they maybe, perhaps are or could be a little wrong.

God help us all.


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