"It is very possible that PATERNAL AGE is the major predictor of(non-familial) autism." Harry Fisch, M.D., author "The Male Biological Clock". Sperm DNA mutates and autism, schizophrenia bipolar etc. results. What is the connection with autoimmune disorders? Having Type 1 diabetes, SLE,etc. in the family, also if mother had older father. NW Cryobank will not accept a sperm donor past 35th BD to minimize genetic abnormalities.VACCINATIONS also cause autism.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Is it true that there is 10 times more mercury in the unadjuvanted vaccine? How can that be safe for pregnant women?

PDF DOWNLOAD – PRODUCT INFORMATION LEAFLET: GSK’s AREPANRIX™ AS03-Adjuvanted H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine – Plus Analysis by Dr. Chris Shaw
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AREPANRIX H1N1 — AS03-Adjuvanted H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine


AREPANRIX™ H1N1 GlaxoSmithKline

Elderly (>60 years): No clinical data are available for Arepanrix? H1N1 in this age group. One dose of 0.5mL at an elected date may be considered.

The need for a second dose of vaccine is unknown. If a second dose is needed, it should be given after an interval of at least three weeks. See section Pharmacodynamics.

Children and adolescents aged 10-17 years: No clinical data are available for any influenza vaccines with AS03 in this age group. Consideration may be given to dosing in accordance with recommendations for adults.

Children aged 3-9 years: Based on limited clinical data available for AS03-adjuvanted H5N1 vaccine containing 3.75 μg HA derived from A/Vietnam/1194/2004 in this age group, 0.25mL of vaccine (i.e. half of the adult dose) at an elected date and a second dose administered at least three weeks later may be considered sufficient. See section Pharmacodynamics.

Children aged from 6-35 months: No clinical data are available for influenza vaccines with AS03 in this age group. Consideration may be given to dosing in accordance with the recommendation in children aged 3-9 years.

Children aged less than 6 months: Vaccination is not currently recommended in this age group.



After combining and mixing the two components, 0.5mL of the resultant emulsion is withdrawn into a syringe for intramuscular injection. The final composition of each vaccine component per 0.5mL dose is as follows:


Split influenza virus, inactivated, containing antigen* equivalent to:
A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)v-like strain (X-179A) 3.75μg HA** per 0.5mL dose
* isolated from virus propagated in eggs
** HA = haemagglutinin

Preservative content is 5μg Thimerosal USP per 0.5mL dose or 2.5 micrograms organic mercury (Hg) per 0.5mL dose

Adjuvant: DL-α-tocopherol 11.86 milligrams/0.5mL dose Squalene 10.69 milligrams/0.5mL dose, Polysorbate 80 4.86 milligrams/0.5mL dose

The suspension and emulsion vials, once mixed, form a multidose vaccine in a vial. See section Nature and Contents of Container for the number of doses per vial.

For a full list of excipients, see section List of Excipients under 5.0.


INFORMATION ABOUT GlaxoSmithKline H1N1 Vaccine:

Arepanrix™ Package Insert*9QyftXtU30izPxvk3×3sbiG3yraKLsFamY_/ArepanrixH1N1PackageInsertCranbrookVaccine20092010.pdf

same package insert from GlaxoSmithKline (manufacturer’s) site:

If you read through this document you will find the hidden information, kept from you by Dr. David Butler-Jones, Federal Public Health Authority, et al. like:

eg: “Following influenza vaccination, false positive serology test results may be obtained by the ELISA method for antibodies to HIV-1, Hepatitis C, and especially HTLV-1. These transient false-positive results may be due to cross-reactive IgM elicited by the vaccine. For this reason, a definitive diagnosis of HIV-1, Hepatitis C, or HTLV-1 infection requires a positive result from a virus-specific confirmatory test (e.g,Western Blot or immunoblot).”

[watch out for this as doctors won't necessarily know this, and they will assume something here, and place you or your children on anti-viral medication for HIV or meds for Hep C and HTLV (human t-lymphotrophic virus - a form of leukemia). Soon they will declare HIV on the rise and push their HIV vaccine upon the population, but it will be a false-positive rise in incidence induced by their H1N1 vaccine.] The last two pages of the leaflet on the vaccine (see link) contains the “consumer information” – please take a very good look at the adverse effects listed under the headings, very common, common, rare and very rare. You might as well get the flu and develop a natural immunity; at least then your body will not be contaminated with foreign substances such as squalene, polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier), thimerosal and all the other listed ingredients.

eg: “Non-clinical data reveal no special hazard for humans based on conventional studies of safety pharmacology, acute and repeated dose toxicity, local tolerance, female fertility, embryo-fetal and postnatal toxicity up to the end of the lactation period.

Two reproductive studies were conducted with AS03-adjuvanted H5N1 antigen and evaluated the effect on embryo-fetal and peri-and post-natal development in rats, following intramuscular administration. Although no definite conclusion could be reached, regarding a possible relation to treatment with the H5N1 vaccine and/or the adjuvant AS03, and other findings were considered normal, the following observations deserve to be mentioned: In the first study, there was an increased incidence of fetal malformations with markedly medially thickened/kinked ribs and bent scapula as well as an increased incidence of dilated ureter and delayed neurobehavioral maturation.

In the second study, there was an increased incidence of post-implantation

loss, and the fetal variation of dilated ureter. Not all findings were observed in both studies, and hence the toxicological significance is uncertain.”

This information was put in here because the researchers could not agree on the results, and some obviously would not sign off on the vaccine without this important warning being listed to cover their ass. Post-implantation loss is the same as a miscarriage. Ureter damage could lead to incontinence.

I don’t know how they can claim no effect in the first paragraph, when these clinical observations where made in the rat studies. The first paragraph reads “non-clinical data” meaning they relied on people to contact them if there was a problem (this is not scientific or clinical research – it shouldn’t be used as grounds to approve the vaccine) NOTE: male rats are never studied for fertility – yet males are more affected by autism than females.

The amount of squalene in the adjuvanted vaccine is very high, over 21,000,000 parts per billion (ppb). Gulf War Syndrome is linked to squalene in the anthrax vaccine (and to other issues such as depleted uranium and chemical exposure) The results of FDA testing of the anthrax vaccine given to soldiers (which government claimed contained no squalene), revealed anywhere from 10 – 83 ppb in various lots tested). The H1N1 vaccine quantities are astronomically more. It is possible that you can go onto develop anti-squalene antibodies (ASA) which will fight against your own naturally produced squalene. IF this happens, you could experience a wide range of auto-immune disorders like chronic fatigue syndrom. Should this happen you can test for these antibodies and prove causality.


**According to this Public Health Agency of Canada website, the non-adjuvanted vaccine [ie: the H1N1 vaccine without the ASO3 (otherwise known as squalene-oil-water adjuvant)] will contain 10 times the amount of Thimerosal as in the adjuvanted vaccine presently being distributed. This, they want to give to young children and pregnant women.

The excuse for this allowable mercury in the vaccine, is that it is different from the mercury you get in food, like tuna fish; and, it amounts to less than the daily allowable limit (from food).

I suggest anybody who wants to learn more about how the type of mercury in Thimerosal is more toxic than the mercury from consuming fish, please read the book “Evidence of Harm” by David Kirby. By the way, when you eat the fish, you only absorb a very small portion of the mercury. When you inject it into your muscle – of course, you have absorbed 100% of the dose.


Frequently asked question about H1N1 government website:


“Q4. Is it true that there is mercury in the vaccine? How much mercury?
Both vaccines contain a small amount of thimerosal. Thimerosal is a form of mercury used in the H1N1 flu vaccine to stabilize it and maintain its quality during storage. Thimerosal is a different form of mercury than the mercury known to cause health problems. The amount in the H1N1 adjuvanted flu vaccine is much less than the daily limit recommended for environmental exposure to mercury. For example, there is significantly less mercury in the vaccine than you would find in a can of tuna fish.

Q5. Is it true that there is 10 times more mercury in the unadjuvanted vaccine? How can that be safe for pregnant women?

Yes, the unadjuvanted vaccine does contain 50 ug of thimerosal while the adjuvanted vaccine has only 5 ug of thimerosal. The 50 ug remains within the daily limit recommended for environmental exposure to mercury. There?s significantly less mercury in the vaccine than you would find in a can of tuna fish.”

Thimerosal is apprx. 50% ethyl mercury by weight. So, 50 ug (micrograms) Thimerosal equals 25 micrograms mercury.



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