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Friday, October 02, 2009

Overpopulation is not the threat to Earth that we have been lead to believe.

Overpopulation is not the threat to Earth that we have been lead to believe. It is long past time for this lie to be exposed. We have been hearing about the so-called evils of OVERPOPULATION screamed in our ears for at least 40 years now.

Mass murder seems to have been big if not the biggest on the list of “the powers that want to be (TPTWTB)”. And clearly their accusations of "Overpopulation" creating the biggest threat to the Earth is a lie cooked up as an excuse to murder more people.

A lot of people are having trouble seeing this allegation as a lie. Think about the world with 100% clean energy. Or, even, think about a world with only 10% carbon based energy. Combine clean energy with better stewardship of the land and we could welcome more people to live in harmony here on Earth. Some of the most densely populated area in the world is in Northern Italy. If you look at a map, you see villages and roads laid out in patterns that look just like a Chinese checker’s board. Between the tight little villages are fields and forests and lakes. There is excellent stewardship of the land there. Good stewardship includes building of top soil, not the top soil depletion we see with petrochemical-based farming.

These elite with their agendas and their greed are far greater threats to the Earth than the general population living upon the Earth.

TPTWTB, themselves, are responsible for the biggest threats to the Earth. If they truly cared about our planet, they would stop their destruction right now! They run the oil-based energy monopoly on our planet that has caused huge adverse impacts to the ecology of Earth. And the nuclear explosions deep in the Earth is as bad, if not worse! The general population living on this planet has done far less damage to Earth than either of these.

Additionally, the oil-based energy monopoly has caused undue hardships on the people of the Earth. And in the last 50 years no progress has been made to reduce our dependency on oil. These very elite people have stifled advancements for clean energy.

My 1956 Packard 400 got 18 miles per gallon. It is a really big muscle car. We are only getting 20 some miles per gallon now, 53 years later in much smaller cars. Clearly all advances towards fuel efficiency have been hampered. And clean energy has been completely gagged. Did you see Alan Alda's piece on hydrogen cars? The exhaust is very clean. Some of the clean energy systems even improve air quality.
Have you noticed that every effort to reduce oil-dependency has been repressed and the innovators, for the most part, die prematurely?

And for how long have TPTWTB been setting off huge nuclear blasts above ground and now deep within the earth? These latest blasts are large enough that they could literally destroy the structure of the Earth. Extra people living on the surface of the planet cannot possibly pose that kind of risk!

A parasite exhibits a better grasp than trying to destroy the body on which they live. Parasites usually develop strategies that do not kill the host. TPTWTB are worse than parasites!

Consider also the glaringly obvious threats of HAARP antenna, chem trails and God-knows-what top secret plans for destruction of the planet? We cannot continue to believe their lies about the threat of overpopulation.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone tells me that I …“address the abusers of Earth as if they were thoughtless and ignorant when actually their thinking is diabolical. The top rung of the Illuminati is composed of people who are psychopaths, megalomaniacs and sociopaths. Mass murder is constantly on their agenda. For two hundred years wars have been created for population reduction. The poisoning of food and medicine goes back 100 years.”… He also says that I am too soft on the perpetrators.

I admit, diabolical thinking seems to be stupid to me. It makes no sense…ZSL is right about me. But my question still stands: How can they expect anyone to believe overpopulation-is-the-greatest-threat in the face of their obvious assaults on the Earth?

We the people have to wake up, stand up and point out the falsity of the overpopulation-biggest-threat. I for one have tired of this lie. This lie has been crammed down our throats for 40 years or so that I know of. How can ANYONE buy the lie in the face of these other greater threats to the planet?

The other far-greater threats are perpetrated by the very people who perpetrate the overpopulation LIE.

We the People are not the threat to the planet. These elite, TPTWTB are the threat and we the People need to start pointing our fingers at them!




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