"It is very possible that PATERNAL AGE is the major predictor of(non-familial) autism." Harry Fisch, M.D., author "The Male Biological Clock". Sperm DNA mutates and autism, schizophrenia bipolar etc. results. What is the connection with autoimmune disorders? Having Type 1 diabetes, SLE,etc. in the family, also if mother had older father. NW Cryobank will not accept a sperm donor past 35th BD to minimize genetic abnormalities.VACCINATIONS also cause autism.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Bottom line, be smart: DON'T TAKE THE VACCINES, period

Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief


As the first seasonal flu vaccines are being administered (in advance of the highly propagandized Swine Flu vaccine) reports are surfacing of damaging side effects. An elderly relative got a whole body rash indicating the immune system was fighting a massive toxic reaction. A friend's father who was successfully battling cancer after a series of Chemo treatment, and in remission, suddenly died a few days after being talked into taking the flu shot by his doctor. Supposedly he was "at risk" of getting the flu in his weakened condition. He was "at risk" alright, but more to the dangerous toxic ingredients in the vaccine than the flu--which killed him. No one should ever be taking dangerous and relatively untested vaccines, for illnesses that are not really life threatening like the flu.

It is no wonder NY health care workers are up in arms about the state's demand for mandatory flu vaccinations for all health care workers. These people work inside the system and see vaccine reactions. They don't want the shots and that should tell us something. As reported by Cara Matthews, Gannett News "Several hundred health-care workers, civil libertarians and members of anti-vaccine groups on Tuesday railed against a mandate that medical professionals get seasonal and swine-flu vaccines. But the state health commissioner said their arguments are baseless--the typical establishment response. Then why all the efforts to hold vaccine manufacturers harmless if concerns are baseless?

"Nurses and other health-care workers said they shouldn't be forced to get a vaccine that they don't believe has been tested appropriately as a condition of keeping their jobs. 'There's no proof this vaccine will protect us from swine flu or protect us from spreading it to others,' said Sue Field of Poughkeepsie, a registered nurse who works in a hospital maternity ward and a primary organizer of the rally. Field, who declined to name her employer [fear of retaliation], said there are other things health-care workers can do to help prevent patients from getting sick, such as not allowing them to have visitors with contagious illnesses."

It's not just the direct side effects, it's the long term danger of auto-immune diseases that threaten all individuals who take vaccines. Even if you overcome the immediate rash, nausea and other side effects of taking a vaccine, the chances are good that your immune system may be permanently compromised. The newer types of vaccines use immunal suppressant ingredients to keep the body from attacking and removing the vaccine before it has taken effect. That's why many people don't get reactions from the flu shots-because their immune system kills the bad stuff in a vaccine. Others aren't so lucky and get bad reactions. In 1976 several died from the flu vaccine. But even if you don't die, damage to the immune system can happen.

The anti-immune ingredients have insidious effects that vaccine manufacturers and the government have been in denial about for years--causal effects toward auto-immune diseases which have reach epidemic proportions in our society: Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Sjorgen's Syndrome, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Grave's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny was quite clear about a related threat. "As the physician in charge of a bustling Integrative medical clinic, questions about vaccines frequently arise. After reading about the MedImmune-Walmart joint venture [MedImmune, the manufacturer of FluMist, a new intranasal influenza vaccine spray, is being given front door access to people as they shop at Wal-Mart. Sample spraying may affect you when you walk by], I felt compelled to warn our patients and our internet subscribers of the potentially serious complications that may come from direct and passive exposure to this new vaccine. I also wanted to give a 'heads up' to everyone regarding the onslaught of advertising that is about to besiege them.

"The television arm of the blitz campaign will focus on the 'inconveniences' that your family, friends and co-workers will endure if you don't get the flu shot and subsequently contract the flu... Apparently, the goal seems to center around frightening-or inducing enough guilt-that everyone would begin to demand the vaccine as soon as it is available. And at nearly $70 a dose, this will be a financial bonanza for MedImmune and Wyeth, who are expecting the vaccine to become the blockbuster new drug that will push MedImmune's revenues to more than $1billion/year.

However, there are many reasons for caution! FluMist contains live (attenuated) influenza viruses that replicate in the nasopharynx of the vaccine recipient. The most common side effects include 'cough, runny nose/nasal congestion, irritability, headaches, chills, muscle aches and fever 100° F.' These symptoms are nearly identical to those the flu vaccine is designed to prevent.

"It has been documented that the live viruses from the vaccine can be shed (and potentially spread into the community) from recipient children for up to 21 days, and even longer from adults. Viral shedding also puts breastfeeding infants at risk if the mother has been given FluMist." Bottom line, be smart: DON'T TAKE THE VACCINES, period!

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