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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

French government unveils "swine flu" jab coupons: tool for population selection

French government unveils "swine flu" jab coupons: tool for population selection

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 14:09

The French Ministry of Health has posted on its website a model letter and coupon that the people of France will be getting in the next few weeks summoning them to get their "swine flu" jab at the 1,080 vaccine centers established across the country for that purpose.

The letter from Health Minister Roselyn Bachelot -- who airbrushed her 12 years of employment for pharmacuetical companies from her government CV -- falsely claims the jab is "safe and efficacious" when the EMEA itself say that safety and efficacy have not been proven.

The coupon lists several different makes of swine flu jabs including Baxter's Celvapan and Novartis's Celtura, even though has no EU-wide marketing approval, and which appears to be the repacked Aflunov, responsible for killing people in Poland in 2008.

Sanofi's Panenza appears to be the only vaccine without mercury and adjuvants and to be made in the same way as the seasonal flu - that is to say it is well tested and probably the "secret tip" of the French elite.

This prepared coupon could be a ticket to death for some depending on the choice of vaccine, antigen dose and adjuvant made by the government.

This is a Pdf of the letter and coupon:

There is a also a model copy of a "certificate of vaccination:"



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