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Thursday, October 22, 2009

First deaths in Sweden from "swine flu" vaccine.

First deaths in Sweden from "swine flu" vaccine.

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Thursday, 22 October 2009 17:25

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We have already reported about the over 200 official cases of "side effects" from the "swine flu" mass vaccination that is taking place in Sweden. So far, only the so called "risk groups" are targeted, people who are sick, work in hospitals or are pregnant(!). Historically, the reports of side effects are normally just the tip of an iceberg and if the past is any guide, no more than a maximum of 10% of all cases are reported. Officials even make statements to the effect that it is unusual to report side effects. It has been said from the authorities in Sweden that "we now will begin to ask people to report serious side effects, those who are not already known." With such strategy, very few cases will even be considered to be reported and to reveal that it is normal to not consider the already known damages is shocking.

Today, Aftonbladet reveals that two Swedes have died from the Pandremix "swine flu" shot. Media in Sweden have consistently been promoting the mass vaccination and have systematically blocked any debate or critical voices from being published. Vaccinations have just begun but already they have killed more than the so called "swine flu" have done in Sweden. The propaganda have constantly repeated that "we need to get vaccinated to avoid to infect others and to save society from the economic loss if many are sick at the same time. The flu will kill many more than the vaccine ever will." Another blatant lie to add to the numerous others.

In what seems to be the first signs of taking a different stance towards the vaccines, Aftonbladet today reveals that two elderly citizens who took the vaccine died shortly after. They were both already sick or had serious health problems. One of them was an elderly man who died of what looks like a heart attack. The other one was a woman aged 65 who was found dead in her home two days after she got vaccinated. It is said she suffered from a "muscle condition".

Even though it is obvious that the vaccination is causing severe side effects, including death, health officials deny the connection. Lennart Waldelind who works for The Medical Products Agency says "It is very hard to judge,. It is a matter of personal preference how one declares this."

In Expressen he says about damages from vaccines: "Sometimes one can only realize a connection after while."

It can not have come as a surprise to the Swedish authorities that this vaccination would lead to enormous problems, there have been more than enough warnings sent in from hundreds if not thousands of concerned individuals.

Lennart Waldelind explains that warnings directed to elderly people regarding the "swine flu" vaccine are now being formulated and prepared by The Medical Products Agency. It will be very interesting to see who will take the responsibility for this large scale deadly testing of a new vaccine on a defenseless and misinformed public.

The headline in Aftonbladet reads: "The flu vaccine may be too strong".

The biggest medical scandal in the history of Sweden has just started.

Johan Niklasson

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Anonymous 2009-10-22 17:36:04

Which vaccine is it?
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So grotesque and uncalled for
Guardian Angel 2009-10-22 18:12:55

These elderly folks should NOT have even thought of taking the 'vaccine'. This is 1976 all over again.
Has GOD forsaken mankind? Why?
Perhaps man has forsaken God - the supporting evidence shows, just look around you.

No where in the BIBLE is vaccine mentioned. Man thinks he is God, this is the biggest problem mankind has to contend with. The BIBLE is alway spot on when it says 'My people shall perish for the lack of knowledge' - (respectfully) Please folks, seek God while there is still a little time left.
There is no other way. God has provided man with all the necessary natural medicinal supplements to treat, prevent and cure any illness. There are links on this website, amongst others that can advise on natural supplements.
Man will fail you - God will never fail you. The reverence for God is the path of Wisdom.
Do you believe for one moment that Jesus Christ would have taken any 'vaccine' ???
In the end it all comes down to a matter of faith and wisdom.
Man is at the cross roads now and must choose - the way of God or the evil ways of man.
Please turn to God now - you know I am sincere here and concerned for all of mankind.
God's waiting to save You right now. Tomorrow maybe too late...

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Anonymous 2009-10-22 18:22:12

Maybe it would be a good idea to use this website (theflucase) to receive reports from deaths and side effects of the vaccine...The more confirmed data we gather the better
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Bengt Larsson 2009-10-22 18:32:00

Just waiting for the Swedish authorities to claim that the deaths show that the vaccine is efficient
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doubControlled trial on the efficacy of the flu sh
Vic 2009-10-22 19:06:58

If a doctor (or a friend) tries to push a flu vaccine on you, ask them this one simple question: "Do you think there have been any placebo-controlled studies that prove flu vaccines actually work?" Your doctor will, of course, say, "Sure there are. There must be." You then answer, "I'll bet you my flu shot against your hundred dollars that you can't cite even one such study." After a few days of being scoffed at while they try to dig up a study that doesn't exist, you'll walk away $100 richer. (Remember, the study has to be a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on the efficacy of the flu shot. Such studies have never been done!)
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Mike 2009-10-22 19:42:46

For all the great ammunition that this website provides! Another great article.
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Mrs B 2009-10-22 19:57:22

Thank you for this website and this story! YES! Please let us pool the stories here for an increasing database of international reports.



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