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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A high proportion of soldiers suffering from the devastating immune disease Gulf War Syndrome were exposed to squalene in the Anthrax vaccine.

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Flu 2009 Update
by dr. marie rodriguez
September 22nd, 2009

Every fall people ask my opinion about the flu shot, and I usually write an article about why I don’t recommend it, and what things you can do proactively to prevent the flu. This year is no different, and with the fervent media hype regarding H1N1 I’ve decided it’s time to add my 2 cents as to why the H1N1 vaccine is not a smart idea.

Infection is mild

So far the reported cases of the swine flu are symptomatically mild, with those suffering the most side effects being diabetic, obese, having heart disease or a weak immune system. There is no evidence that the virus has mutated in any part of the world. For people with a healthy lifestyle, the risk of serious long-term complications of this flu are virtually non-existent.

Fatality rate is much lower than portrayed

Neurologist Dr. Russel Blaylock has extensively researched the swine flu infection, hospitalization and death rates from this year’s swine flu - so far 43, 711 have gotten the flu, 5,011 have been hospitalized and 302 have died. This is a death rate of 0.6%. Because of poor reporting, the CDC estimates that actually 1 million have become infected with this illness, which lowers the death rate to 0.3%. This means 99.7% of people will not die of the swine flu this year. In addition, the number of deaths in children from this flu is lower than the past 2 years’ seasonal flus. Children who have died from the swine flu have been those suffering from serious neurological conditions such as epilepsy, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy. The CDC has recently found a link between these deaths and vitamin D deficiency.

The vaccine will contains a dangerous immune adjuvant

The H1N1 vaccine will contain MF59 a powerful oil-based immune adjuvant - squalene. Adjuvants are added to vaccines ‘turbo charge’ them - they are molecules that incite more powerful immune responses and enable smaller doses of vaccine antigens to go a longer way. Squalene is a molecule normally found in the human nervous system and brain, but when it gets injected, it triggers an immune response not only against the squalene in the vaccine, but against all squalene throughout the body. A high proportion of soldiers suffering from the devastating immune disease Gulf War Syndrome were exposed to squalene in the Anthrax vaccine.

The vaccine will most likely be contaminated

This is a ‘fast tracked’ vaccine, meaning that many of the usual safety precautions to prevent contamination are being overlooked. According to a number of studies, vaccine contamination is widespread, with vaccines containing viral fragments, bacterial components, and mycoplasma - all of which can produce chronic systemic disorders, cancer and long-term brain degeneration. Ironically, of the few safety studies that the government is conducting, none are using vaccines that contain the fore-mentioned squalene.

Long-term consequences likely

Those recommended to get this vaccine - children, pregnant women and the immune compromised are at a much higher risk for dangerous vaccine side effects than they are from a mild influenza virus. Neurological disorders have exploded in the past 2 decades. The undeveloped fetal nervous system is particularly vulnerable to the dangerous immune-provoking vaccine contaminants. 1976 was the last time a swine flu vaccine was created, and in that year 300 people died from the vaccine and over 500 people were paralyzed with Guillian Barre syndrome. Interestingly the studies done that year were also conducted on a different vaccine than the one which was administered.

IF you are forced to take the vaccine, or insist upon taking it, please read below for some preventative measures. I have also included tips on how to stay well during the upcoming cold and flu season.

How to Minimize vaccine side effects:

Do NOT get this vaccine if you are already sick or on antibiotics - wait until you are well.
Put a cold compress over the site of the injection immediately afterward to reduce inflammation. Continuing application for 2 days after vaccination to reduce risk of evoking the brain’s immune response.
Do not take tylenol, ibuprofen or any other fever-reducing medications - fever is your body’s natural defense mechanism, and these medications can hamper the body’s natural detox process and up-regulate inflammatory mediators that contribute to neurological complications.
Take fish oil, and vitamin D3 (2,000 IU in children and 5-10,000 IU in adults) to strengthen immunity before, during and after vaccination.
Homeopathic thuja 6C and ledum 6C 3-5 pellets 3x on the day of vaccination to minimize side effects.
Dr. Rodriguez will soon have access to a homeopathic version of the H1N1 vaccine which can be taken to prevent the flu and help counter vaccine side effects.
Natural Swine Flu Prevention

Stay well-hydrated
This flu is being spread by physical contact rather than being coughed on by infected individuals. Use a hand sanitizer and cleanse commonly used surfaces - counters, door knobs, keyboards, shopping carts, etc.
Rest! Get 8 hours of sleep and go to bed before midnight to prevent the immune suppression that accompanies exhaustion.
Eliminate sugar because it suppresses the immune system.
Take vitamin D3 - it balances the immune response and increases anti-microbial peptides that kill viruses bacteria and fungi. 2,000 IU daily for children, and 5-10,000 IU for adults depending upon serum status.
Dr. Rodriguez will soon have access to a homeopathic version of the H1N1 vaccine which can be taken to prevent the flu and help counter vaccine side effects.



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