"It is very possible that PATERNAL AGE is the major predictor of(non-familial) autism." Harry Fisch, M.D., author "The Male Biological Clock". Sperm DNA mutates and autism, schizophrenia bipolar etc. results. What is the connection with autoimmune disorders? Having Type 1 diabetes, SLE,etc. in the family, also if mother had older father. NW Cryobank will not accept a sperm donor past 35th BD to minimize genetic abnormalities.VACCINATIONS also cause autism.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Male Chimps Prefer and Compete for an Older Experienced Female to Mate With

"There is no doubting that having a baby later does present risks for both mother and baby.
Miscarriage and birth defects are more common in older mothers.
Recent research also links low birth weight babies and even, in those women who go on to have girls, future fertility problems for them, too.
And yet, while older mothers are constantly bashed with facts and figures telling them the error of their ways, what is less well-publicised is the impact of older fathers.
Research has linked fathers over 50 with high incidences of miscarriage, premature birth, autism and even schizophrenia. Yet, when Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys became a dad at 56, no one gave him a lecture about the folly of waiting so late.
The career bitch who wakes up on her 40th birthday and suddenly decides she's got enough Jimmy Choo shoes and would now like to have a baby is a myth.
It is much more likely that she simply didn't meet the right man at the right time.
Instead of criticising women in their mid-30s for leaving motherhood so late, perhaps some thought should be given to the peculiar drought of suitable men in their mid-30s that suddenly strikes the moment your biological clock starts ticking.
Where do all the potential dads-to-be go? They are dating women in their 20s, of course, because there's less pressure.
Delayed parenthood isn't just a female phenomenon. Men, too, are putting it off, but their choices are far less public. "



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