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Friday, January 08, 2010

Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines's Notes

Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines: “Who do we trust about vaccines, the CDC or the Internet?”Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines's Notes
“Who do we trust about vaccines, the CDC or the Internet?”Share
Today at 3:20pm
To me, the answer is obvious.

Can the CDC be trusted, knowing the incestuous relationship it has with drug companies?
Can you believe CDC references that use the CDC as their source of information?
Can you trust those with one uniform agenda: 100% vaccination coverage for 100% of the world's population?
Can you trust a government body that ignores complete bodies of science about mercury toxicity and calls parents of vaccine-damaged children liars because their observations do not conform with the Party Line?

Do you think that the CDC will tell you first-hand stories like this one, sent to me today first hand from a physician friend of mine:

“I have a patient today that had normal kidney function tests last month. She had an H1N1 vaccine and a flu shot on 12/17. She developed flu-like symptoms on 12/20. She was admitted to the hospital on January 1 with anuric renal failure (note: this means complete renal shut down and no urine out). She started on dialysis on January 2, and as of today, her kidneys are still not working and she has not put out any urine. NOBODY at the hospital even slightly considered the cause-effect relationship of the vaccines.

“The second patient I say today was another patient with anuric renal failure. He was admitted through the ER with a complete heart block and a potassium level of 7.7 (note: a potassium level >5.5 can cause heart failure and be lethal). This guy was sicker overall than the first patient I saw today, but his kidney functions were normal in May. The admission note from ER doctor says, ‘I am not sure at this point what caused Robert's sudden multi-system organ failure. He has had no new drugs or toxins which could cause his sudden renal and hepatic (liver) failure.’ When I saw Robert I asked when his last vaccine was. He said, “It was an H1N1 shot on Dec 10th.”

“I think there are going to be thousands of patients like this – and hundreds of people dying where NO ONE will attribute their death to H1N1 shots. Until several months ago, when I became enlightened about vaccines through the webinars and your book, “Saying No To Vaccines,” it would not have occurred to me, a board certified nephrologist, to look for these connections. Doctors only find what they are looking for, and if you don’t know to look for a connection, you won't find it. I am speechless…and sad…and very scared for all those millions of people who have been vaccinated this season.”

Note that it was a few weeks between the time of the shot and the onset of the kidney failure.

Along with my doctor friend, I am speechless…and sad..and very scared for those who have been vaccinated. I’m scared for those who are on the fence about vaccinations, especially worthless flu shots and H1N1 vaccines, that they might give in to the pressure of the System and perhaps be damaged for life. Why adults would be so afraid of the flu, for themselves or for their children, to put their lives at risk by this vaccine is simply beyond me, especially with the overwhelming evidence that 1) swine flu is not serious; 2) the swine flu pandemic was false and 3) the worst of the swine flu season is over.

Wake up, America. It is *almost* too late.



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