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Monday, December 21, 2009

Julie Gerberding Named Head of Merck Vaccines

December 21, 2009
Julie Gerberding Named Head of Merck Vaccines

Wow... Congratulations Julie! Who would have guessed that you would be the one person in the whole world that Merck would want to head their vaccine division?

Oh... that is right... we did.

Julie's years of "looking and looking" for a vaccine/autism connection with the firm resolve of OJ Simpson looking for the real killers, asinine statements on autism in the press and denialism of an epidemic happening in front of everyone's eyes has finally paid off big for her.

Here is what we do know now... that the head of vaccines for Merck is a liar. And one who tells absurd lies and thinks that people will swallow them. In the age of vaccine skepticism, Merck was so concerned with winning the public trust that they hired the woman who was the at the helm of the autism epidemic for the last eight years.


But I am guessing that deal with the devil was made long ago.

There is no one whose actions I have had more contempt for in this health disaster than Julie Gerberding. My son regressed into autism following his vaccines on her watch. I became increasingly incensed by her actions, non-actions and thinly veiled vaccine salesmanship as the years rolled on; but I don't think down deep that even I actually believed that out of all the positions in the world she would take THE job with THE company that would truly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was working for PHARMA at the expense of our kids since Bush appointed her as CDC head. If for no other reason out of embarrassment for what it would betray about her.

The woman has no shame.

The position is announced Christmas week, I guess hoping that mom's like me will be too busy trying to keep their kids with autism from eating the glass balls off the yule tree to notice. And it may be that she was legally prevented from taking the job any sooner. Email from someone who travels in these circles:

"...but based on a conversation I recently had with a friend who is a former Bush Administration official, this is pretty close to the minimum interval for how former feds can go to work with a company they regulated after leaving government. January 25th: a year and three business days after Obama’s inauguration (January 20th, 2009). January 25th 2010 is the first Monday she could start".

So as Julie ascends to this esteemed position, lets take a walk down memory lane of her disastrous reign as the chief of our nations public health services at all the bull shit she has had to offer us.

First, a critical review of the only thimerosal/autism study done under Julie's tenure:

Here's Why the Disdain...

And Julie's eventual secret disavowal of the research as junk to Congress while CDC still listing it publicly as research that disproves a vaccine autism connection"

Julie Gerberding Tells Congress That The Verstraeten Study is Junk!

Next, as sampling of her brilliant track record and descent into mockable absurdity:

The Age of Autism: CDC Probes Vaccines

AJC: Autism Controversy Eats at Credibility of CDC

Time: Troubles at the CDC

Julie Gerberding: Getting out the BIG shovel

Another Call for Julie Gerberding's Resignation

CDC: Out of Excuses on the Autism Study that "Should be Done"

Julie Gerberding is Doing an Awsome Job

It Is Time for Julie Gerberding to Step Down

Jenny McCarthy Calls For Julie Gerberding's Resignation

An Invitation to Julie Gerberding to Help Her Find the Missing Information on Autism

Wait! Did Julie Gerberding Just Admit that Vaccines Trigger Autism!?

Our Julie in her Finest Hour trying to convince us that vaccines do and do not cause autism:

Julie Gerberding Admits on CNN that Vaccines can Trigger Autism



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