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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Man dies in Sweden from the flu shot - now 9 official deaths

Man dies in Sweden from the flu shot - now 9 official deaths

Aftonbladet reports that a man in his fifties died after having received the poisonous Pandemrix "swine flu" shot. He had been through a heart transplant operation and the shot made his body reject the new heart. Authorities in Sweden are now afraid fewer will want to take the vaccine.

"- It can not be said it was wrong to vaccinate this man. We do write on our home page that people who have been through heart transplants belong to the risk group and should get vaccinated. But we have new knowledge now which we can learn from." says Ingemar Persson, case investigator at the Swedish Medical Products Agency. "- The vaccine is the direct or indirect cause of this mans death." he continues.

Several involved agencies and departments will hold a press conference today to try to calm down worried citizens and again claim that the vaccine is "tested and safe".

The official death toll in Sweden is now nine but our sources claim there might be as many as 80 deaths. Then there are also many reports about abortions as a result of the shot, just like in other parts of the world. Officials are desperate to declare any deaths in proximity to the vaccinations as coincidental and therefor the official numbers can not be trusted. In fact, the whole official story regarding the "swine flu" in Sweden can no longer be trusted since it is clear that media together with the Swedish authorities have been and still are engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to vaccinate as many as possible without any clear declared reasons or logic.

The ties between scientists, politicians and the Pharma industry and WHO is also not clarified.

This is by far the biggest medical scandal in modern times in Sweden.

Johan Niklasson

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