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Sunday, October 04, 2009

There will up to a Million Times More Deadly Squalene in the H1N1 Vaccines

Professor Hooper says that even minute traces of Squalene could have serious side effects:

Professor Hooper says that even minute traces of
Squalene could have serious side effects: "You
don't need very much, the immune system is
extremely sensitive at that sort of level we're
talking about… An almugram is a millionth of a
gram, we're talking about a thousand billions to
the gram…the body does respond to these very tiny
amounts of some substances and so I am really concerned."

When we inject it, it goes
into the lymphatic system and is processed in a
very different way and our body recognizes
injected Squalene as a foreign material that it
needs to react to, immunologically."

"I have a patient who got ten parts [of Squalene]
per billion and he has gone on to develop
rheumatoid arthritis, he has a very high level of
anti Squalene antibodies. He received two Anthrax
shots that contain Squalene, determined by the
Food and Drug Administration, and then went on to
develop Rheumatoid Arthritis. Others in his group
his unit have developed Lupus in their mass and Auto Immune Disease.

"I'm afraid we'll see people developing the same
diseases that I've seen from the 1998 - 2000
group, which is again Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and ALS."

As British troops await orders in the Gulf,
Tonight speaks to Ray Bristow, a Gulf war veteran
from 1991 who believes that the drugs and
vaccines given to him are responsible for over 30
conditions he has now been diagnosed with -
including fits, memory loss, incontinence and chronic fatigue.

"When I went out to the Gulf I was obviously very
fit, otherwise they wouldn't let me go," says
Ray. "I used to run marathons for charities as a
hobby. I'd run fifty miles a week. When I first
came back, my health started to deteriorate. I
remember sitting on the end of the bed with my
head in my hands thinking I was going mad. I
couldn't understand what was happening… I've had
my dignity stripped from me and it should never have happened."

The former army medic says that the British
vaccination programme in Operation Desert Storm
was a disgrace and lessons should be learnt: "I
would say it was a very shambolic way of
vaccinating people. Nobody knew what was being
given. Who knows if they were giving the correct
dosages? It was a complete disgrace; I never
witnessed anything like it in my twenty years in the health services.

"For me its too late [but] if they rush the
vaccine programme again you're going to get lots
of troops [who] will come back sick in ten years
time. If they can wait for men and materials to
be deployed, they can wait for the ships to get
there with the tanks, then surely they can wait
an extra few weeks so they can initiate the
vaccine programme in a proper manner."

Shaun Rusling, chairman of the National Gulf
Veterans and Families Association, says that
Tonight's findings are highly significant: "The
presence of Squalene in the Anthrax vaccine is
extremely significant. It would not surprise me
if the Bridport sample was thrown overboard by
outgoing troops to Iraq who know what the vaccine contains."

Minister of Defence, Dr Lewis Moonie, has
previously stated that tests might reveal
antibodies for Squalene in war veterans but has
categorically denied it came from any Anthrax
vaccination. He has also stated that, "There is
no such thing as Gulf war syndrome - they're a
collection of illnesses which don't fit any particular pattern".

The Tonight programme has presented its findings
to the MOD and is awaiting a response.


NOTES TO EDITORS: Please credit ITV1's Tonight
with Trevor McDonald at 8pm Monday, if any of this material is used

Picture grabs are available

The NGVFA 24 hour helpline number is 01482 833 812

PRESS CONTACT: Mark Whittle for Granada on 07768 261 525

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