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Friday, October 30, 2009

Switzerland forbids "swine flu" vaccine for pregnant women, young and old

Switzerland forbids "swine flu" vaccine for pregnant women, young and old!
Swissmedic, the authority in Switzerland that gives permission for the use of drugs, today announced that the "swine flu" vaccine Pandemrix will not be allowed to be injected into pregnant women, children or young adults (below 18 years of age) or elderly (above 60 years of age). The very same vaccine is now injected through an unprecedented mass vaccination campaign into hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in Sweden. No restrictions are made in Sweden and the authorities there express surprise about the Swiss decision. "There is no reason to make such a decision here in Sweden", says Jan liliemark, a professor working for the national Medical Products Agency. The many deaths so far in Sweden from this vaccine are "still under investigation".Unfortunately, the people of Switzerland will still be injected with the deadly adjuvant squalene and the mercury thiomersal through another "swine flu" vaccine, namely the poisonous Focetria.
Focetria is being approved because the EMEA have approved it for the EU. It will be given to children from the age of six months and adults.Celtura has been tested and according to earlier reports, it is contaminated with dog viruses and bacteria. It is still waiting to receive permission to be injected in the Swiss population. Swissmedic is attempting to navigate through the massive criticism that has been voiced in Switzerland against the mass vaccination, and the orders from WHO, by taking the worst vaccines away from the equation. Unfortunately, this will mean little when the mass vaccination campaign starts in December. The Swiss population will have to take action now to avoid the worst medical catastrophe in the history of the nation.
Link to Swissmedics announcement
Link to article in Blick
Updated regarding information about Celtura. More soon...

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