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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

French government can't find doctors to volunteer to work in "swine flu" jab centers

French government can't find doctors to volunteer to work in "swine flu" jab centers

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 October 2009 12:25
Monday, 12 October 2009 14:19

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The French government's plans for the mass vaccination of the entire population in four months are unprecedented in scale and also in detail, including specific instructions for the composition of pandemic vaccination teams able to work six days a week, including in the evenings, in specially established vaccine centers.

However, a lack of volunteers among French doctors is stalling the implementation of the vaccination campaign, according to a report in Le Monde from Saturday, October 10th.

The Le Rhone department in France, one of the biggest in the country with almost two million people, has 12,000 health professionals; but when the local prefect sent out a questionnaire asking how many health professionals would be interested in participating in the upcoming mass vaccination campaign only 812 replied.

Only 130 of those 812 respondents were doctors.

At least, 300 doctors in Le Rhone are needed under the government's minutely calculated plans.

On October 6th, the prefect sent out another appeal, assuring doctors that they would be immune from prosecution if the "swine flu" jabs they administer caused damage.

The renumeration is 66 euros an hour for a doctor and 28.35 euros an hour for a nurse.

The 1,800 GPs in the department have also expressed scepticism of the mass "swine flu" vaccination plans.

Pascal Dureau, a member of the national union of doctors in private practice (MG France), said: "It is not very reasonable to be asked to vaccinate a person without knowing their health history," according to Le Monde.

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Anonymous 2009-10-12 17:43:32

"On October 6th, the prefect sent out another appeal, assuring doctors that they would be immune from prosecution if the "swine flu" jabs they administer caused damage"
Now THERE is an unsavoury little clue which tells the bigger story.
Smart enough to pursue a medical degree, AND smart enough to not step up to the Mengele plate!
And to think that as a rule doctors are a conservative lot who do not tend to think very far outside the box.
This is more good news! The medical minions revolt against being used to overturn the very Hippocratic Oath they swore to uphold. This thing is ALMOST beginning to look as if resistance may reach critical mass in time. What are they going to do, train guns on the doctors to give the injections?
Besides, didn't that secret government document awhile back state that NO DOCTORS and NO HOSPITALS would be involved. Besides, even these official swine know anyone can give an injection, your butcher, your baker, your candle stick maker. But will most people be willing to accept being given a highly suspect vaccine by unqualified personnel after they learn that qualified persons have refused it?
This news gets better all the time.
Puncturing the populace.
Dirty work that it seems as if almost NO ONE WANTS TO DO!

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Nina 2009-10-13 12:04:19

There might have to be a certain number of doctors present, given that the shot(at least the Pandremix)can cause anaphylatic shock, leading to death if not treated right on the spot, in one out of a thousand. There`s alot of other nasty side effects admitted by the vaccine producer.

Ofcourse that was Pandremix with a different virus combination. This mix with it`s side effect is the grounds on wich the Pandremix H1N1 has been approved.

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we're not gonna take it !
jean draque 2009-10-12 18:43:30

Here is a song composed and performed by famous glam rock group "Twisted Sister" , which (i feel) fits perfectly to the turn of mind spreading all over the countries : WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ! Enjoy ! (lead voice : Dee Snider)

What we are living during this 2009 fall might turn into the takedown of arrogant fake democracies, and of
financial/industrial rulers.
This time, with this planned vaccine holocaust, "they" have been too far : the crime is obvious....
People will wake up (let's us hope, and spread the word !)
Of course, this awakening should happen without any violence.
The ultimate culprits hide themselves, and rule remotely (the occult, Illuminati, etc...) ; but many of their (more or less) unconscious partners should be forced into admitting their share of guilt, and do their best making amends.

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Blood Money
Green Hornet 2009-10-13 03:54:26

"The renumeration is 66 euros an hour for a doctor and 28.35 euros an hour for a nurse."

A list should be made of those taking the 30-pieces of Silver in-return for injecting death into the population.

This is a worldwide Depression; staged on purpose: everyone needs money. The question is whether the bribe is big enough for health workers to kill off their friends and family.
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123454321 2009-10-13 04:07:07

If you want to win, spread the word and don't wait for someone else.

If you wait you may die waiting. Its that serious.

This is not fear mongering, it is a reality check. And Im not saying we are dooms, i am saying we can do something to save our selves.

Get off your ass and do something, print some fliers and posters and get them out.

Put a tag line at the bottom of all your emails like...'check out to see why french doctors wont give the swine flu jab even for 100 dollars per hour..."

I have the greatest poster 8 by 11 inch

email me and ill send it (for free obviously)

It is the best poster i have seen, really gets attention and makes a person want to go to

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