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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chinese Join Worldwide Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine

Chinese Join Worldwide Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine
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Less than one third say they will definitely get H1N1 shot
Steve WatsonInfowars.netMonday, Oct 26, 2009
The people of China are the latest to reject the H1N1 vaccine, according to results of national poll there indicating that concern over the vaccine’s safety outweighs concern over the virus itself.
The poll, conducted by China Daily and news website found that only 30% of 2,000 respondents said they would definitely get the shot.
Over 54% of the respondents rejected the vaccine outright, meaning that 702 000 000 people will refuse to roll up their sleeves and take the shot.
The survey indicates a seismic shift in popular opinion from just two months ago, when 76% of people in China indicated that they would opt for inoculation.
The primary reason for the turnaround, according to the survey results, is a general worry over the quality and reliability of the vaccine, given that it has been fastracked and is based on “mock up vaccines” that are up to two years old.
Just two deaths resulting from H1N1 flu have been confirmed in China, according to the health ministry.
The views of the Chinese people also reflect those of populations within the United States, Canada, the UK and in the rest of Europe.
Last week, when the first H1N1 vaccines became available, 62% of American respondents to an ABC News/Washington Post survey said they will probably not get vaccinated, while 30% said they are not confident in the shot’s safety.
Despite a relatively low number of deaths in the U.S. (see table below), coupled with the fact that the H1N1 virus remains mild, President Obama declared a national state of emergency over the weekend, prompting fears of mandatory vaccinations and martial law.



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