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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Much Worse than the amount of Squalene MF-59 than caused Gulf War Syndrome

Baxter Drug Company Obtain Patent –

1 Year Before the Swine Flu Epidemic

The Baxter drug company obtained a patent on the swine flu one year before it was in existence.
Here is part of the patent information and Baxter are nothing if not prepared for this ’swine flu’ outbreak if the wording in this 2008 US patent application is anything to go by:

“In particular preferred embodiments the composition or vaccine comprises more than one antigen…..such as
influenza A and influenza B in particular selected from of one or more of the human H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H1N2,H9N2, H7N2, H7N3, H10N7 subtypes, of the pig flu H1N1,
H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2 subtypes, of the dog or horse flu H7N7,
H3N8 subtypes or of the avian H5N1, H7N2, H1N7, H7N3,
H13N6, H5N9, H11N6, H3N8, H9N2, H5N2, H4N8, H10N7, H2N2,
H8N4, H14N5, H6N5, H12N5 subtypes.”

“Suitable adjuvants can be selected from mineral gels,
aluminum hydroxide, surface active substances, lysolecithin,
pluronic polyols, polyanions or oil emulsions such as water in
oil or oil in water, or a combination thereof. Of course the
selection of the adjuvant depends on the intended use.
E.g. toxicity may depend on the destined subject organism
and can vary from no toxicity to high toxicity.”

Here is an additional excerpt from that patent:

The addition of Formaldehyde and UV irradiation methods in swine flu vaccine
**** Baxter Patent filed in 2008.

This is very much a planned epidemic, and the toxicity of this vaccine is dangerously high with the ingredients not even approved by the FDA.


Patent Number: US 2009/0060950 A1

The adjuvant called MF-59 Contains SQUALENE which can cause:

Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Very assuredly MF-59 WILL damage your immune system so that you cannot fight future illness. Animal studies show that this ingredient MF-59 has killed animals only 1 in 14 animals survived in a study. The ingredient is not approved by the FDA but the N1H1 is approved by the FDA. Does this make any sense in a rush to get billions of dollars sold to the US government in a fear campaign.

Most people know by now that these vaccines contain harmful ingredients namely:

Mercury - destroys brain cells
Aluminum- toxic and destroys immune system
MF-59 - kills animals and remains untested in humans

SQUALENE is linked to the tests done in the Gulf War Syndrome where the Veteran Affairs Department admits that soldiers were inoculated with the ANTHRAX VACCINE just for one year from 1990 to 1991. These soldiers developed deadly auto-immune diseases in great numbers and the ALS, Lupus, Transverse Myelitis, Blindness and other major illness from those very vaccines that were predominately tested on the US soldiers as guinea pigs for science.

Every soldier and every mother of a son -who came back after being vaccinated with these deadly vaccines should be writing to their congressman, senators and the President to stop these vaccines from being even produced by corporate greedy drug companies now.

The President has greatly under estimated the damage these vaccines will cost him in health care costs which will be massive and into the billions of dollars.


Once it is injected-there is very little you can do to protect yourself from death, disease and a very damaged immune system. You also will not be able to blame, sue or get compensation for your medical bills, hospitalization or detoxing the chemicals in your body. Once these chemicals are floating around damaging your :

Organs, Brain, Eyes, Stomach, Liver, Lungs, Heart, Bowels

All your major organs and the most important part -your immune system will be damaged forever. The insurance companies will stop covering Swine Flu Vaccine related claims because there will be too many of them.

The Obama Health Care program will be over burdened with Swine Flu vaccine damaged patients and the whole system will break down eventually with the numbers of diseased vaccine recipients.


1) Get 8 hours sleep per night.
2) Eat healthy fresh fruits, vegetables -organic
3) Drink clean purified water -oxygenated
4) Do avoid stressful situations as much as possible.
5) Wash your hands and stay clean of germs in public.
6) If you are in public -wear a mask if it gets worse.
7) Get lots of exercise-fresh air.
Increase your Vitamins C and D and supplements.
9) Study, be aware-and know your rights to refuse this deadly vaccine.
10) Tell your family, friends, and start a community awareness group.
11) Advise your doctor that you will not take the vaccine.
12) Many healthcare workers are refusing to take this vaccine-speak to them.
13) Avoid processed foods with chemicals, additives, colors, dyes, GMO’s.

It is not against the law to refuse this vaccine and in Canada there is the Charter of Rights that protects the rights of the individual not the drug company.

Also be aware you cannot sue anyone if you are damaged -the drug companies have insisted
That the FDA and the US government absolve them of any law suits, which means you have a company making a dangerous product for which they will have no responsibility if it fails and it will fail.

Mercury will not protect you from a virus.
Aluminum will not protect you from the Swine Flu.
MF-59 will disable you and not protect you from the Swine Flu.

This is a deadly cocktail of chemicals that harm a human body -and will inflict a lifetime
Auto-immune disease in healthy people. For those that suffer from auto-immune diseases if they receive this vaccine it will cause their death. If you were to read the Emergency Preparedness Act under George Bush which is still in effect they are already contemplating what to do with the bodies.

Think long and hard – on what you want to do to protect your family from this deadly vaccine now before it becomes a law in the United States. The targets now are pregnant women and health care workers who will certainly receive these vaccines first.

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For more information: The Truth about the Swine Flu Vaccine

Swine Flu Numbers Flawed: Studies in Europe Show Deaths Numbers are Flawed



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