"It is very possible that PATERNAL AGE is the major predictor of(non-familial) autism." Harry Fisch, M.D., author "The Male Biological Clock". Sperm DNA mutates and autism, schizophrenia bipolar etc. results. What is the connection with autoimmune disorders? Having Type 1 diabetes, SLE,etc. in the family, also if mother had older father. NW Cryobank will not accept a sperm donor past 35th BD to minimize genetic abnormalities.VACCINATIONS also cause autism.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do vaccines cause autism? Quite obviously, they do

1 28th September 19:29

Posts: 1 Do vaccines cause autism? Quite obviously, they do! By Viera Scheibner (autism cough asthma tetanus allergies)


"Do vaccines cause autism? Quite obviously, they do! You have seen
it with your own eyes and some even video-recorded it. I am
re-introducing the word OBVIOUS into science. Besides this, there is
plenty of published research documenting how and why vaccines cause
autism (and many other deleterious effects): by deranging all systems
in the body, starting with the immune system."


By Viera Scheibner (Principal Research Scientist-retired)

Kanner described autism for the first time in 1943. At the time, the
administered vaccines were diphtheria, tetanus and occasional whooping
cough. Nowadays, babies and small children are given a multitude of
vaccines besides DPT and Polio: Hib since late 1980's; in the US and
Australia since early 1990's HepB at birth and more doses at 1 months
or at two and 4 months later, and, recently in the UK, USA and
Australia, also meningococcal C and pneumococcal vaccines. I am
surprised that any babies survive such an assault of toxic substances
as vaccines are, containing not only a number of foreign proteins
(antigens) which are bacteria or their protein envelopes and viruses,
but also adjuvant and tissue fixatives and preservatives. However, no
babies survive without some deleterious effect, even though most
parents think that their babies were 'perfectly normal' until the last
assault by MMR. Their babies had previous reactions, but parents
believed their doctors that it wa
s normal and to be expected. MMR was just the last straw that broke
the camel's back! When I attended the Conference on Autism at the
Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, I told one of the mother-doctors
who organized the seminar that her son experienced serious reactions
to his first vaccines, not just MMR. First she said "No" and then
when I asked her to have a look at the photos of her child she was
showing during her lecture (from birth to after MMR), put her hand
over one eye and have a look where the other is aiming and then change
hands, she would notice that the child was not focusing properly and
the color of the eyes changed into pitch black (indicating toxicity).
Then she admitted that he screamed for 3 days after every DPT, Hib and
Polio vaccines. I asked her "What do you think he screamed of?" and
she said she did not know. I told her that he screamed from
excruciating pain due to brain inflammation. She should have
prudently stopped any vaccination after the first screaming event.

Animal viruses (the most well-known are the monkey, simian, viruses
and amoebas in the polio vaccines) contaminate the vaccines because
most of them are cultured on animals tissue and one does not have to
be a rocket scientist to realize that animal tissue contains animal
microorganisms. The amount of toxins, such as mercury exceeds
manifold what is considered a safe level. There is no safe level for
formaldehyde. Is it surprising that it was published already in
1990's that the US infant mortality rates rival those of the Third
World? As if this was not disconcerting enough, when babies die from
vaccines, parents and other caregivers are accused of Shaken Baby
Syndrome (SBS)! Vaccinators not only kill your babies, then they also
throw you into prison. No thanks for your unquestioning compliance.

Many parents vaccinate because they are told and hence mistakenly
believe that infectious diseases represent a surge that has to be
prevented at ANY price; quite the opposite is true. Infectious
diseases are beneficial for children by priming and maturing their
immune system, provided they are properly managed. Complications and
death may arise if such diseases are mismanaged, by the inappropriate
administration of antibiotics in a viral disease such as measles; this
damages the gut flora and suppresses the immune system. Antibiotics
are useless in a viral disease anyway, even if they worked.

Relentless suppression of fever (an important healing process) is
another example of quackery in the orthodox medical system.

The best treatment in any infectious diseases is sufficiently high
doses of vitamin C.

There is also a substantial difference between acquiring measles by an
unvaccinated healthy child (meaning no vaccines at all, not just MMR)
and a vaccinated child: vaccinated children often have difficulty
developing natural immunity and may come down with measles several
time. Those vaccinated, and only those vaccinated, also may develop
atypical measles, which is an especially vicious form of measles due
to immunosuppression by vaccination.

I observe that even many of those doctors trying to warn of the
dangers of vaccines, say that they are not against vaccination and
that they do not want to see those large epidemics of measles, mumps
and rubella. I urge these doctors to take the time to study what has
already been documented in medical research about the dangers and
ineffectiveness of individual vaccines. The only safe vaccine is the
one never administered.

The Amish who claim religious exemption to vaccination, did not report
a single case of measles between 1970 and 1987 (for 18 years!) That
was the time when the well-vaccinated communities experienced regular
2-3 year epidemics amongst those who were vaccinated. Then, starting
in December 1987, the Amish reported large outbreaks of measles
already in 1982, just when the US health authorities were going to
pronounce measles eradicated (by 1 October 1982). Obviously,
infectious diseases have their own dynamics which are not studied,
because of the morbid preoccupation with vaccination.

When the individual US states mandated DPT vaccination starting in
1978, the incidence of whooping cough increased in a sustained manner,
with the majority of cases occurring between 6 weeks and 6 months and
in the vaccinated! In contrast to this, when the UK parents stopped
vaccinating in 1975, it was followed by the longest interepidemic
period with the lowest incidence of whooping cough on record. When
the normal 4-year epidemic arrived in 1978 the age distribution
returned back to normal: the majority of cases occurred in 4 year
olds. The same happened in Sweden after 1979 when they discontinued
the use of pertussis vaccine: no incidence below the age of six
months, with very low incidence below the age of 2 1/2 years and the
majority of cases occurring between 2 1/2 and 10 years. At that age,
whooping cough is not a dangerous disease. It is only potentially
dangerous in small babies.

When you hear about outbreaks of any 'vaccine-preventable' infectious
diseases, first ask how many of the 'victims' were vaccinated (you
will usually hear that most, if not all). In the last four years,
Australia has been experiencing large outbreaks of whooping cough,
after our former health minister increased the vaccination compliance
by unlawful means, by making certain social security payments depend
on vaccination (even though this can be circumvented when
'conscientious objection' is lodged; this is an equally questionable
practice since vaccination is not mandatory in Australia, so why would
anybody have to claim conscientious objection to it).

Large epidemics of polio followed mass vaccination drives in Taiwan,
Oman, Namibia, Gambia, Jordan, Albania and many other countries,
typically mostly after the first dose. This is all published in the
Lancet and other reputable medical journals.

Many medical researchers now admit that a pandemic of such
immunoreactive disorders as asthma and allergies is caused by too much
hygiene and mass vaccination programs, but that does not mean that we
should change these (harmful) health practices. They just fall short
of saying that infectious diseases are desirable, because having
measles prevents asthma and other immunoreactive diseases,
degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases
and certain cancers (as published in the Lancet in 1985). That having
mumps prevents ovarian cancer, was published already in 1966. That
rubella vaccination does not prevent congenital rubella syndrome and
that immunity acquired by having the disease is superior to that
acquired by vaccination, has been published in Australia and

Babies and small children do not need any vaccines. Individually
administered, measles, rubella and mumps vaccines are just as harmful
as given together. Medical Observer published my letter to the editor

MMR and the OBSERVED side effects such as meningitis and simply
discontinued MMR vaccination. No epidemics of higher magnitude than
normal of measles, mumps or rubella followed. There is nothing wrong
with that. When people tell me that the UK Health Department
published that so many children then died from measles, I always ask
"And you believe it?" Vaccinators are capable of publishing not only
lies, "They publish total lies", as one TV cameraman said.

Parents believe your own eyes. Sadly, you can't trust doctors who
can't even see the value of their own research results. One or two
cases of adverse events after vaccination may be coincidental, but not
hundreds of thousands of cases all over the vaccine-crazy developed
world. Do vaccines cause autism? Quite obviously, they do! You have
seen it with your own eyes and some even video-recorded it. I am
re-introducing the word OBVIOUS into science. Besides this, there is
plenty of published research documenting how and why vaccines cause
autism (and many other deleterious effects): by deranging all systems
in the body, starting with the immune system. There are many angles
to approach this problem, but they all point in the same direction.
Stop vaccinating and you will have healthy and normal children, as
non-vaccinating parents all over the world will confirm. The only
people who should get vaccines are the vaccinators. Medical Observer
published another of my lett
ers to the editor, in which I challenged an aggressive pro-vaccinator
to go on TV and to show us how safe vaccines are, by allowing himself
to be injected with all baby vaccines and either put up put up or
shout up. He chose to shut up. I told a few prosecutors in the US to
take their flu injections every year. Tell vaccinators to take their
own medicine and then watch the horror in their eyes.

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