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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farm for autistic adults gets zoning approval

Farm for autistic adults gets zoning approval

By Josh Sweigart
Staff Writer
5:35 PM Sunday, June 14, 2009
HAMILTON — A sprawling farm with gardens, horseback riding and an activity center will mark a unique home for adults with autism envisioned in Madison Twp.

Butler County Commissioners recently approved a zoning change that will pave the way for the Safe Haven Farm. It will house up to 24 adults in 6 new houses being built on at 60-acre farm on No Mans Road.

The zoning change was needed because the land is currently zoned agricultural. Despite earlier objection from neighbors who feared it would harm the area’s rustic charm and strain services in the area, no one opposed to the project spoke at the Thursday, June 11, commission meeting.

To assuage neighbors’ concerns, planners say most of the land will be either a farm or woodland, with tree buffers shielding the view of houses from other properties.

And when it’s done, it will provide peace of mind for the consortium of local parents of autistic adults who are planning the project, according to Dennis Rogers, one of those parents.

“As our kids age out of school we find a real lack of services for adults with autism,” said Rogers, whose daughter is autistic. “They end up being isolated in their houses watching videos all day long and the quality of life isn’t what it should be.”

Residents at Safe Haven Farms will be able to garden, ride horses, hike through trails and someday maybe swim in an indoor pool. There will be roughly one staff member to help care for every two residents.

Rent will cost the same as current housing for disabled adults with Medicaid waivers, Rogers said. But first they need to raise the money to build it. Now that they’re over the zoning hurdle, they hope to have the money together to break ground in the fall.



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