"It is very possible that PATERNAL AGE is the major predictor of(non-familial) autism." Harry Fisch, M.D., author "The Male Biological Clock". Sperm DNA mutates and autism, schizophrenia bipolar etc. results. What is the connection with autoimmune disorders? Having Type 1 diabetes, SLE,etc. in the family, also if mother had older father. NW Cryobank will not accept a sperm donor past 35th BD to minimize genetic abnormalities.VACCINATIONS also cause autism.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Get the Damn Vaccine" Nancy Snyderman

"Get the Damn Vaccine" Nancy Snyderman


Squalene: Be Very Afraid Part II

Squalene: Be Very Afraid, Part I
Two Open Letters from NY Healthcare Workers: Vaccine Choice Rally 09/29/09 »
Squalene: Be Very Afraid Part II
Natural Solutions

WHO Developing Infertility Vaccines since 1974. Is Swine Flu Vaccine the Next Generation?
URGENT ACTION ITEM for everyone you can reach: Say “NO!” to “Voluntary” vaccines when refusal means incarceration and indefinite quarantine. Sign once for every member of your household, then activate your community of influence.
Natural Solutions Foundation suing FDA to prevent release of Swine Flu vaccines. We’ll be entering our papers this week. We are restricting our suit to a narrow objection although we know that the vaccines are genocidal (see below) and worse. But we have to use what the law gives us and that is the fact that the law was broken on September 15, 2009 when the vaccines were licensed without any safety testing being completed (or even carried out).
Be aware that we are not satisfied with a mere delay, but it is where we start tactically. Winning this suit would prevent the release of the vaccines until next June or July, 2010. That is not shabby since it would give us time for more permanent action.
Federal Court Cases are expensive! Please make two recurring tax deductible donations, large or small: Click here,, to make a donation ending in the number 6 to earmark you donation for the legal case. Now click the link again and make a donation ending in any other number to support the Natural Solutions Foundation so we can continue to serve you and help keep health freedom free. Thanks!
Want to support the Natural Solutions Foundation by drinking Health Freedom’s own coffee (or detoxing with it) and giving it to lucky personal and corporate recipients this Holiday season? Visit and Wake Up to Health Freedom (TM) with pure, clean coffee from our teaching farm in Panama’s Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project, Want to volunteer at the Valley of the Moon? Glad to have you. Visit
OK. Now for the tough stuff
The article below details the horrific reality that I wish were not true. The Natural Solutions Foundation has been saying for quite some time that we see clear evidence of a genocidal intention in the overblown, clearly intentional Swine Flu “Pandemic”. When WHO moved the “Pandemic” from Level 4 to Level 5 the disease was so mild and inconsequential that they literally had to change the definition of a Pandemic at Level 5, leaving out the words “with the ability to cause serious illness and death” from the definition because it did not and could not. We believe that this must have been a great disappointment to the folks at the WHO who have been both predicting and involved with genetically engineering one failed pandemic after another. But WHO, you will remember, believes in a “sustainable planet” and that sustainability (favor them, not us, of course) means that they believe, too, that 90% of the world’s population needs to die.
They do not much care how we die as long as we do it on demand and they manage to squeeze out a good dollop of profit as we do so. Some of us, however, will die because we are never born. That, too, is part of the genocidal plan. You may recall that we reported some time back that we had seen official WHO documents from 1985 stating that the real purpose of the current vaccination program taking place in Africa at that time was not disease control (they know perfectly well that vaccines are hokum, without a shred of valid scientific evidence behind them) or prevention, but the dissemination of materials which cause infertility in the women into whom it is injected. At that time, they were using vaccines with strong response patterns laced with Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG), a reproductive hormone (a glycoprotein, by the way – that figures into this true horror story a little later on). When you train the immune system through injecting it with adjuvants to “break tolerance” or attack the molecules as “not me” that it normally recognizes as “me”, if you prime it properly, you can create an immune intolerance to the hormones or other molecules of your own body.
In this case, and the same system has been used against untold millions (billions?) of women in many third world countries all over the world, the body attacks every molecule of HCG it encounters after that. The problem is that without HCG, the uterus cannot retain the embryo, or the fetus and it will expel the future baby if she were pregnant at the time of the injection. If she were not pregnant, she will never again become a mother. Her body now destroys the very hormone without which she cannot sustain a pregnancy. This damage is irreversible.
But not universal. Apparently, that is the problem: there are still a few people whose immune response is not sufficient to destroy all of their fertility. So now we move, in the march of mad science, propelled by forces of such deep inhumanity that it is difficulty to confront them with clear, calm eyes, to another infertility system.
In 1998 a Patent Application was made for a system which uses a person’s own immune system to render them permanently infertile, sterile, unable to have children. The system is irreversible, once injected.Knowing that:- Both Novartis and GSK vaccines “against” the trivial Swine Flu both contain 1 million times more squalene than the devastatingly dangerous Vaccine A which crippled and killed so many Gulf War I military personnel (See Squalene: Be Very Afraid Part I, Even a few molecules of squalene injected into the body causes it to “break tolerance” and attack the body’s own molecules to which it is now trained for attack, including the body’s own squalene, a vital component of the Central Nervous System (which accounts for the profound and cataclysmic neurological symptoms of squalene injection- The WHO, UN and US governments agree on the “need” to reduce population to only 10% of its current levels- When the WHO declared a Level 6 Pandemic on June 11, offical control of the political and health functions of all 194 countries in the WHO passed to that body, per an agreement signed in 2005 which took effect in 2007- The haste with which this Level 6 Pandemic was declared makes it clear that the agenda was agreed to whether or not the genetically engineered virus did its job- FDA/CDC has said that the $1/2 billion stock pile of injectable squalene adjuvant which the US Government admitted it was stock piling will be used to add the squalene to the bodies of people receiving the vaccines which do NOT have adjuvants in them at the time of injection- The patents for a glycoprotein-containing, squalene adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine were filed in 2007 and 2008 by Novartis, Baxter International and GSK despite the fact that the virus did not yet officially exist, there had never been approval of a squalene adjuvanted vaccine and use of squalene in mass vaccines was illegal through the permanent restraining order of Judge Emmett Sullivan and through the fact that squalene was forbidden to even be tested in the US. The investment of billions of dollars into the development of these vaccines for a virus that did not yet exist, using substances which had never been approved for use in vaccines by 3 separate companies, allegedly competitors in the vaccine industry, is worthy of note all by itself- The most vulnerable members of society, children and pregnant women, will be vaccinated first.
Now you know what the game is. Since the goal is infertility, what better target population could you choose? With one fell swoop of a needle, a whole generation of “useless eaters” is wiped off the map – the next one while this one is too sick to make much trouble and you clean up like the bandit that you are, if, of course, you are Big Pharma and the global genocidalists!
So now we have mandates for “Influenza vaccines” which are designed to roll the “Swine Flu” up under them. Understand clearly that although your State may offer you exemptions for philosophical, religious or medical reasons, there is every liklihood that there will be NO pandemic vaccination exemptions. The way the federal and state regulations are reading right now, that is the situation. The confusers really do want you to feel- All vaccinations will be voluntary for the pandemic flu. This is true if by voluntary you really mean “under duress and pain of incarceration, fine and imprisonment.”- Conventional exemptions will hold for the pandemic flu. This is not true. The pandemic vaccine is governed by separate regulations and laws which do not allow for exemptions.- Parents will be given the choice of whether to vaccinate their children and themselves or not. This is utterly false unless we take back our freedom to make these decisions for ourselves and our children. Experimental medical procedures are never carried out on the most vulnerable and defenseless first, not until now, that is.
As an aside, do you suppose that President Obama’s children will get the same vaccine that yours and mine will? How would we know? How about the President himself, who bravely agreed to wait until near the bottom of the list. How courageous and public spirited. I will be happy to join him below the bottom of the list and, if all of us have any sense at all, we will all do so by making it abundantly clear to our legislators that this WILL not happen. That is the purpose of the action item, So far more than 2,222,940 of your emails have reached the legislative and decision making desks of this country. These people need to hear that the deception is broken, like immune tolerance when adjuvants are injected. We want the right to determine what happens to our bodies. We will not be sickened and die for the depopulationists. We will not be made infertile for the neo-aristocrats. We will not be brought into slavery through a diabolical brew in a syringe of illness, infertility and death..
Now, please read the following article and share it widely while you take the time and effort to mobilize every single person you can reach to help mobilize the groundswell to make it impossible for the vaccine effort to go forward as intended.
Yours in health and freedom,Dr. RimaRima E. Laibow, MDMedical DirectorNatural Solutions Foundationwww.HealthFreedomusa.orgwww.GlobalHealthFreedom.orgValley of the Moon (TM) Eco Demonstration Projectwww.NaturalSolutionsFoundation.orgValley of the Moon Coffee: Wake Up to Health Freedom! GMO, Pesticide, Toxin
Saturday, August 8, 2009“Swine flu” vaccine has adjuvants that impair fertility, Making people infertile is part of eugenics, thus genocide.“swine-flu”-vaccine-has-adjuvants-that-impair-fertility/
August 7, 2009
Daniel Solis from the Czech Republic has researched the side-effects of the adjuvant, squalene, and discovered it is known to destroy fertility as well as causing other forms of damage.
A patent for a vaccine to impair fertility in animals contains squalene.
The plan to use this fertility-impairing adjuvant in the “swine flu” vaccine against a flu that has so far been far less irksome than the ordinary seasonal flu underscores concerns that this H1N1 mass vaccination programme mandated by WHO with the support of pharma companies such as Baxter is designed primarily to cause death and injury, and so significantly reduce the global population.
Is it any wonder that these “vaccines” are classified as bioweapons by the regulators? ….Daniel Solis has also made a formal complaint against the head of the Czech Republic’s FDA and the Deputy Health Minister for awarding a contract to Baxter worth 1,5 billion CZK without an open tender. More legal action in the Czech Republic is planned with the aim of getting Baxter’s license to manufacture the “swine flu” vaccine at Bohumil suspended and to make Baxter accountable for the incident at the BioTest lab, which detected the live bird flu virus in vaccine material from Baxter on February 6th. Members of the lab had to be treated preventatively for bird flu and were put in quarantine.
Also, a Czech translation of “Evidence-of-the-Use-of-Pandemic-Flu-to-Depopulate-USA” can be found here:
“I have focused on the adjuvants made of monophosforyl lipid A (MPL) MF59TM (containing a polysorbate TweenTM 80) or AS03, AS04 also known as squalene in the proposed vaccines, which are immunosterilant or an immunocontraceptive,” Daniel Solis writes.
“The patent of the veterinary FERTILITY IMPAIRING VACCINE can be found on-line. It mentions both, the lipoid adjuvants squalene and the polysorbate TM80.
Here are the quotes from the patent and further some clinical studies about the toxicity of both.
(WO/1999/034825) FERTILITY IMPAIRING VACCINE AND METHOD OF USEThis application claims the benefit of U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/070,375, filed January 2,1998, U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/071,406, filed January 15,1998“The vaccine of the invention preferably additionally includes an immunological adjuvant to enhance the immunological response of the subject to the glycoprotein antigen. Examples of adjuvants include Freund’s Complete Adjuvant, Freund’s Incomplete Adjuvant, and an adjuvant comprising an immunostimulant such as synthetic trehalose dicorynomycolate (STDCM) and an oil such as squalene oil (see P. Willis et al., J. Equine Vet. Sci., 14,364-370 (1994)). An adjuvant comprising synthetic trehalose dicorynemycolate, squalene oil, and a surfactant such as lecithin is preferred. Lecithin typically includes phosphatidyl choline. In a preferred embodiment the vaccine comprises oil, preferably a biodegradable oil such as squalene oil. Typically, the vaccine is prepared using an adjuvant concentrate which contains lecithin in squalene oil. The aqueous solution glycoprotein is typically a phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) solution, and additionally preferably contains Tween 80.”
Abstract:A vaccine comprising an antigen derived from a zona pellucida glycoprotein is effective to impair fertility in animals, preferably carnivores. The vaccine can be used as an immunosterilant or an immunocontraceptive. of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Volume 95, Number 6, December 2005 , pp. 593-599(7)“Polysorbate 80 was identified as the causative agent for the anaphylactoid reaction of nonimmunologic origin in the patient. Conclusions: Polysorbate 80 is a ubiquitously used solubilizing agent that can cause severe nonimmunologic anaphylactoid reactions.”
Gajdova M, Jakubovsky J, Valky J.Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine, Limbová, Bratislava.Delayed effects of neonatal exposure to Tween 80 on female reproductive organs in rats. Food Chem Toxicol. 1993 Mar;31(3):183-90. PMID: 8473002.“Baby female rats were injected with polysorbate 80 at days 4-7 after birth. It accelerated the maturing of the rats and caused changes to the vagina and womb lining, hormonal changes, ovary deformities and degenerative follicles.”
The Endogenous Adjuvant Squalene Can Induce a Chronic T-Cell-Mediated Arthritis in RatsBarbro C. Carlson*, Åsa M. Jansson*, Anders Larsson, Anders Bucht and Johnny C. Lorentzen*
Now, how can WHO claim the adjuvants is harmless:
when there is clear evidence of its effects provoking AI diseases:ANTI-SQUALENE ANTIBODIES LINK GULF WAR SYNDROME TO ANTHRAX VACCINE
“Dr. Jules Freund creator of this oil-based adjuvant warned in 1956 that animals injected with his formulation developed terrible, incurable conditions: allergic aspermatogenesis (stoppage of sperm production), experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (the animal version of MS), allergic neuritis (inflammation of the nerves that can lead to paralysis) and other severe autoimmune disorders.
Source: : Gary Matsumoto, Vaccine A-The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing our Soldiers and Why GI’s are Only the First Victims, Kapitola 3. “The Greatest Story Never Told””
Daniel Solis, Prague, Czech Republic
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Swine flu vaccines - the case against them

30 September 2009

Swine flu vaccines - the case against them
I HAVE recently read lots of newspaper statements from health authorities about the swine flu vaccine.The statements claim it is totally safe, that the only side effects could be redness and irritation at the site of injection and that the controversy over its safety is not accurate.Given that there's a big debate over the safety of these vaccines, I feel that it is only fair to present the other side of the argument.Presenting one side not only gives an inaccurate picture, but also undermines today's consumer - who is much savvier and better informed due to the advancements in technology.I am aware that the decisions of the authorities are made with very good intentions and that the safety of the people is always top priority.With that in mind, I would like to pose a few questions, both as a mother and as a nutritional therapist.IllegalFocusing on the vaccine's contents and side effects, if people are claiming the vaccine is totally safe, how can they justify the speculation surrounding its alleged contents?Pandemrix, one of the two vaccines Bahrain is planning to use in the fight against swine flu, contains the controversial preservative Thimerosal - despite it being a mercury-based compound.According to numerous studies, including a 2003 US Congressional report on Mercury in Medicine, it is claimed that Thimerosal can be linked to the development of autism and other brain development disorders.If you claim that mercury is not toxic, why is it no longer legal in the US to use Thimerosal in vaccines?Why is it illegal in Norway to use mercury amalgam fillings?Why are we supposed to be very careful touching and inhaling mercury while it's OK to inject into our bloodstreams? Worse yet, inject into our children?The list of contents of these vaccines is truly scary.The Pandemrix vaccine contains various dangerous ingredients such as aluminium, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde and other toxic substances.Even more dangerous is the vaccine's use of squalene, the immune adjuvant added to this most recent swine flu vaccine to "increase its effectiveness".It is added to trigger a strong immune reaction, get the job done faster and reduce the amount of vaccine required per dose (making it easier for mass vaccination campaigns).But has anyone stopped to think of the effects that these adjuvants have?Squalene causes the immune system to react in a powerful, unnatural and potentially dangerous way to the presence of the virus we're being vaccinated against.Various studies, including a 2000 study published in the American Journal of Pathology, raised questions about the role of adjuvants in chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.If these vaccine ingredients were harmless, why would vaccine makers seek total legal protection from any legal cases for any side effects that the vaccines might cause in people?The US government signed a document in June making US federal officials and all vaccine manufacturers immune from any legal liability if its citizens suffered adverse reactions to theH1N1 virus.Will the same be done in Bahrain?Where are the studies that have been done on these vaccines to prove their safety (how can they even provide study results in such a short time)?What are the long-term side effects of these vaccines? How can you be sure that the only side effects are "redness and swelling of the site of injection", when you haven't waited that long to find out what the long-term side effects are?Many sources state the side effects of these vaccines appear after one year of injection; what if that's true? What will people do in a year's time if they notice strange conditions in their kids or newborns?What will happen if, over the next year, there is an increase in allergies, in Guillain-Barre syndrome (linked to the previous swine flu vaccine in 1976), brain inflammation, central nervous system disorders or autism and learning difficulties?What if these conditions can be linked to the vaccine?When you vaccinate against swine flu, will you check to see whether actual cases of swine flu have reduced? How will you check the effectiveness of your vaccination campaign if health centres and hospitals are not checking for swine flu and assuming all flu is the H1N1 virus?Authorities are claiming that the swine flu vaccine is similar to the regular flu vaccine, but various studies - including two studies in 2008 published in the Archives of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine and another in the Lancet - found respectively that regular flu vaccinations had no impact on flu-related hospitalisations or doctor visits and there was no reduction in the risk of pneumonia among the elderly.How is the swine flu vaccine different? And what will happen if new strains of the virus form? Another vaccine? And what if somebody has already got swine flu? Will you ask them to take the vaccine as well?Are we getting swine flu because of a deficiency in a standardised vaccine?Let's put things into perspective, death from swine flu is not common.In fact, swine flu deaths are far less common than deaths caused by the regular flu.According to the World Health Organisation's (WHO) latest figures as of September 20, there have been 300,000 laboratory confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus and 3,917 deaths worldwideCompare this to the WHO's latest calculations for regular influenza outbreaks, which estimate annually there are around three to five million cases of severe flu-related illness, and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths globally.Furthermore, most people who react badly to swine flu are those with pre-existing conditions or low immunity.If we know that swine flu is worse for people with low immunity, does it make sense to inject those people with vaccines containing toxic substances? Wouldn't that lower their immunity further?Moreover, does it make sense to target the most vulnerable people in society with these vaccines? In my opinion pregnant women, children, and the elderly should be kept as far as possible from toxins and vaccines.They are already immune-compromised - they are more likely to develop vaccine complications due to their slower detoxification systems, immature immunity (in children) and nutrient deficiencies.People with lowered immunities should be most vigilant. The swine flu vaccine could lower their immunity further.It might protect them from swine flu, but will it have a severe impact on their overall health? In the process of preventing one illness, are we creating many others?This is not prevention, it is over-medicating.When people get sick, it is not because they are deficient in vaccine. People get sick because their immune systems are weak, so wouldn't it be better to invest in helping people take care of their own health?Teaching people how to boost their immunity, how to eat better and how to lead a healthier lifestyle is a lot more beneficial.Advising people to wash their hands and take the vaccine is not enough to help people out of disease pandemics.I would much rather see our health authorities promote health by increasing awareness, sponsoring workshops, improving school canteens and advocating real prevention of disease using food, vitamins, herbs, exercise and various other natural remedies.Make an informed decision.I don't know if the swine flu vaccine will become mandatory. However, I would like to think that we live in a place where people have the freedom to choose what they want injected into theirs or their children's bodies.I would advise everyone to do the research before making a decision. There is a lot of controversy for a reason and people must be informed.It's true that there is a lot of false information on the Internet, but there's also a lot of good accurate information there too.People no longer depend on their doctors to dictate what they should do.The average person today is a lot more informed and that's the way it should be.Use your common sense and take control of your own health.lAuthor, lecturer and health expert Alia Almoayed writes health articles for various publications, holds lectures and seminars on health and nutrition and heads a number of weight loss projects. She is the author of I Want Healthy Kids, a book on how to raise healthy children, and The Dream Body Eating Plan, a weight loss guide. She also co-authors 101 Ways to Improve Your Health. – Gulf Daily News 29 Sept. 2009


Squalene causes incurable diseases in animals

Squalene causes incurable diseases in animals
by S. C.
Vaccine additives containing the oil squalene could be toxic, releases its list of 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers showing the debilitating diseases induced in animals immunized with squalene.Withholding this information from volunteers enrolled in clinical trials testing swine flu vaccines containing this oil – and from the general public encouraged to consider vaccination with it should conditions warrant – violates informed consent standards upheld by the Nuremberg Code, the World Medical Assembly’s Declaration of Helsinki and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Rules and Regulations for the Protection of Human Research Subjects. Squalene is an “adjuvant” – a substance used to accelerate and intensify the immune system’s response to weak vaccines.Officials with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) and U.K. National Health Service (NHS) have argued for the possible inclusion of squalene adjuvants in candidate swine flu vaccines without informing the public that rats injected with squalene develop the animal versions of rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis; and induces antibodies specific to systemic lupus erythematosus in mice. Rheumatoid arthritis, MS and lupus are incurable autoimmune diseases – diseases that occur when the immune system attacks the body it is supposed to defend. Examination of rats injected with squalene showed severe inflammation in their joints; other show lesions in the brain and nerves stripped of their insulation called the myelin sheath. Demyelization is a clinical hallmark of MS. There are two squalene adjuvants being tested in clinical trials in the U.S. Europe, Asia and South America - MF59 from Novartis and AS03 from GlaxoSmithKline. According to the manufacturers, at least 46 thousand volunteers are now enrolled in clinical trials for swine flu shots containing MF59 and AS03. Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline say their adjuvants are safe. The Novartis adjuvant, MF59, is already licensed in a seasonal influenza approved for human use in the European Union. Around 40 million doses have been distributed in Europe safely, Novartis says.
by S. C. 30 September 2009 TN 8 Year 1


H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, Possible Side Effects and the Dangers of Squalene

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, Possible Side Effects and the Dangers of Squalene

Teresa Allen
Posted by Teresa AllenSeptember 30, 2009 1:33 AM
Tags: H1N1, H1N1 Vaccine, H1N1 Vaccine side effects, Squalene
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Important Documents:
The Truth About The Flu Shot
Educate Yourself
The Swine Flu Fact Sheet
The Swine Flu Vaccine Package Insert admits that it causes Guillian-Barre Syndrome, Vasculitis, Paralysis, Anaphylactic Shock and Death. This is taken from a report that I just received. You can read the full report by clicking here.
You can read the full package insert for the vaccine here.
The insert was updated during 09/2009. It reflects the very latest information.
This is a list of some of the side effects that the insert is admitting to:
*Local injection site reactions (including pain, pain limiting limb movement, redness, swelling, warmth, ecchymosis, induration)*Hot flashes/flushes*Chills*Fever*Malaise*Shivering*Fatigue*Asthenia*Facial edema.*Immune system disorders*Hypersensitivity reactions (including throat and/or mouth edema)*In rare cases, hypersensitivity reactions have lead to anaphylactic shock and death*Cardiovascular disorders*Vasculitis (in rare cases with transient renal involvement)*Syncope shortly after vaccination*Digestive disorders*Diarrhea*Nausea*Vomiting*Abdominal pain.*Blood and lymphatic disorders*Local lymphadenopathy*Transient thrombocytopenia.*Metabolic and nutritional disorders*Loss of appetite.*Arthralgia*Myalgia*Myasthenia*Nervous system disorders*Headache*Dizziness*Neuralgia*Paraesthesia*Febrile convulsions*Guillain-Barré Syndrome*Myelitis (including encephalomyelitis and transverse myelitis)*Neuropathy (including neuritis)*Paralysis (including Bell’s Palsy)*Respiratory disorders*Dyspnea*Chest pain*Cough*Pharyngitis*Rhinitis*Stevens-Johnson syndrome*Pruritus*Urticaria*Rash (including non-specific, maculopapular, and vesiculobulbous)
To get a better understanding, please click here.
"As to my knowledge, this information is the first of its kind validating the ingredients and the intent to use them on the population. Buyer beware of this vaccine as we are likely to see an onslaught of damaged men, women, and children if there are forced vaccines. The ‘new’ experimental vaccine is certainly unlike any other that we, as Americans, have been exposed to in the past."
Jeffry John Aufderheide
Doctors say that the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine has high levels of Squalene.
Here is what the World Association for Vaccine Education had to say about Squalene (MF59):
Squalene:C30H50 an AdjuvantToo dangerous for human use, Squalene is not licensed for use in the United States. Oil adjuvants like squalene have been ordinarily used to inflict diseases in animals – for experimentation and study. According to anthrax vaccine expert Gary Matsumoto and other reliable sources, the US military used an unlicensed, experimental anthrax vaccination laced with squalene, with disastrous consequences, including Gulf War Sydrome. Chemical descriptions:Unites States National Library of Medicine: PubChem[Mesh%20Terms%3anoexpAdverse effects:[Mesh%20Terms%3anoexpMust read:Matsumoto, Gary. Vaccine A; The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers – and Why GI's Are Only the First Victims. Basic Books, 2004.Present in these vaccines:Anthrax (experimental, used on military personnel)
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny goes into detail here.
She states that "On first blush, squalene seems like a good choice for an adjuvant. Manufactured naturally in the liver, squalene is a precursor for cholesterol. In addition, squalene can be purchased at health food stores in its more commonly known form, “shark liver oil.” However, ingested squalene has a completely different effect on the body than injected squalene. When molecules of squalene enter the body through an injection, even at concentrations as small as 10 to 20 parts per billion, it can lead to self-destructive immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus.Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain this reaction. Metabolically, squalene stimulates an immune response excessively and nonspecifically. More than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers from ten different laboratories throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia have been published documenting the development of autoimmune disease in animals subjected to squalene-based adjuvants. A convincing proposal for why this occurs includes the concept of “molecular mimicry” in which an antibody created against the squalene in MF59 can cross react with the body’s squalene on the surface of human cells. The destruction of the body’s own squalene can lead to debilitating autoimmune and central nervous system diseases."
I, for one, will NOT be getting the H1N1 vaccine and I will warn as many people as I can about the dangers of this mass vaccination with this dangerous and untested poison.

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Swine Flu: What I Believe
Catherine, Daily Musings and News & Commentary,
July 22, 2009 at 10:07 am
I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season.

Protesters rally against swine flu vaccine

New York State Nurses video

White Paper Gary Null on Flu Vaccines

Original Investigative Report - Flu Vaccines: Are They Effective and Safe ? - Flu Vaccines: Are They Effective and Safe ?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Risk factors for autism

Risk factors

Autism affects children of all races and nationalities, but certain factors are known to increase a child’s risk. They include: Family history. Families who have one child with autism have an increased risk of having another child with the disorder. Other disorders. Children with certain medical conditions have a higher than normal risk of having autism. These conditions include fragile X syndrome; epilepsy; Tourette syndrome; and tuberous sclerosis. Paternal age. Research increasingly suggests that having an older father may increase a child’s risk of autism. One large study showed that children born to men 40 years or older were almost six times more likely to have autism spectrum disorder than were children born to men younger than 30 years. Therefore autism treatment has to consider many variables when establishing a treatment plan.


what is really in the 2009 Swine Flu Vaccines?

Swine Flu Vax Of 2009 -
Unlicensed And Untested
By Dr. Tim O'Shea DC

With the money machine in full swing to get the untested unlicensed swine flu vaccine out to the public ASAP, it's hard to keep up with the level of deception in mainstream media. But let's give it a try.

On 22 Sep 09, Associated Press ran the story

"Govt: 1 swine flu shot enough for older kids" wherein they buried the lead: National Institutes of Health now wants to give four separate flu shots to kids younger than 9 years old. Two of the shots will be the brand new untested swine flu vaccines, and the other two will be the 'regular' flu shot.

Before we look at the direct misstatements of fact in that AP article, let's read it at face value. Here is some of the new 'information':

From National Institutes of Health director Fauci and CDC's Dr Schuchat:

- children 9 and younger will need 2 flu shots and 2 swine flu shots

- everybody else will need 1 of each

- swine flu vaccine will be ready in October

- we'll have 251 million doses

- swine flu targets young children, which is why they need 2 shots

- they can get both shots the same day, one in each arm

- NIH has studies involving 600 children

- children 10 and older showed protection from the new vaccine

- younger children didn't show protection, since they don't have a mature immune system

- a second dose is necessary to 'rev up' the immune system

For a study in modern propaganda techniques, the reader is directed to the entire AP article:

This article epitomizes a modern fact of media: the days of investigative reporting are long gone. The article is nothing more but a dressed up, watered down version of the NIH's article which came out the same day "Early Results: In Children, 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine" Associated Press offers not one bit of independent research, commentary, criticism, or analysis. Except for deliberately omitting some of the glaring lack of science in the NIH article, all that AP does is to try and give a junior-high parroting of the high points from their master's voice.

The AP article obediently adopts the NIH's new pet word "protection" across the board:
"Protection kicks in for older children within eight to 10 days of the shot..." Only a tested and proven vaccine could even hope to provide protection. These studies are less than a month old, and won't be completed until April 2010. The only thing these shots are protecting now is an experiment on the live population.

Trying to feign that giving a 6 month old infant 4 flu shots would be 'normal' Fauci: .. "the very young often need 2 doses of vaccine against regular winter flu." Really? Why has he never shared that secret with anyone before now?

Flu shots were added to the vaccine Schedule in 2006, beginning at 6 months of age, and yearly thereafter. One shot. What is Fauci trying to pretend? He then bumbles on..."this is very good news for the vaccination program." Why would we care what is or isn't good news for the vaccination program? At $1 billion per shot approved, I guess it would be good news for the vaccination program. What does that have to do with the health of our kids? Another graduate of the Josef Goebbels school of social graces: always be upbeat...

CDC's Schuchat, another towering medical genius, obviously off her meds, then pipes in "it will be OK for kids to get one shot in each arm on the same visit." Excuse me,
Dr Mengele? Did you remember in first quarter med school when you learned that both arms were attached to the same body, sharing the same systemic circulation? This is the representative of our CDC? Exactly what clinical trials confirm this personal hallucination of yours?

The AP article plods bravely on: ..The new swine flu seems no more deadly than regular winter flu, which every year kills 36,000 Americans and hospitalizes 200,000. But there's an important difference: This H1N1 strain sickens younger people more frequently...

There are no quotes in the AP article - it is attempting to be summarizing NIH's article that came out the same day. What new swine flu are they talking about? What disease? See the original Swine Flu chapter at for that discussion.

Secondly, the figure of 36,000 deaths from flu is an old CDC sales technique that has been employed unchanged for the past 20 years. Actual figures, according to CDC's own documents put the true figure at closer to 500 per year: As we thoroughly explore in the full day vaccine seminar, there is no way that 36,000 people die from flu every year in this country, not by any stretch, although this figure is rampantly misquoted in every media. The sales job here is that the new chimera we call swine flu will be no greater threat than regular flu has been all these years, so it will be easy for the vaccine to control it, the same way as flu is controlled by flu shots. That's the perception they're going for here. But even if their own figures were accurate, there has been no change in annual flu deaths in the past 20 years, yet we only started mandating flu shots in 2005. So what good have they done? And this is supposed to be an endorsement for the new swine flu shots?

Sorry, but let's continue with the AP article: To determine the right child dose, the NIH set up studies involving 600 children, from babies to teenagers.

That is actually true. At present there are 5 separate trials being done on samples sizes of about 600 children. But AP's next statement is a total misrepresentation: About 76 percent of 10- to 17-year-olds showed strong protection after one H1N1 shot.

Looking at the actual studies themselves we learn that they won't be finished until Apr 2010! So what is Fauci talking about here? Answer: preliminary findings based on a select group of 25 children !! But you can't find that fact out in the irresponsible AP whitewash promo. No, for that fact you have to go to the NIH site, and actually read the article that AP is supposed to be reporting on: Early Results: In Children, 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Works Like Seasonal Flu Vaccine -- 21 Sep 09.

Actually in the group of kids under 10 the sample size was only 20!

The point here is that these high numbers of "protection" are preliminary findings only. The formal studies, which are the only ones being done in the whole world to test the safety and efficacy of the new swine flu vaccines, these studies have just begun last month. Preliminary findings are meaningless in formal science. That's why they design the entire study, and await the final outcome before making conclusions.

Here we see one of the most disconcerting and insidious characteristics of the new swine flu sales program: enlisting mainstream media to deliberately disguise preliminary findings as definitive, conclusive scientific results. This only happens in the world of marketing. Real scientists are embarrassed by it.

Apologies, but one final important revelation about the AP article, and the character of Herr Direktor of the NIH: Younger children simply "don't have as mature an immune system," Fauci explained. So a first dose of vaccine against a flu strain they've never experienced acts as an introduction for their immune system, and a booster shortly thereafter revs up that immune response

Wow. Let's take a breath here, or maybe a cocktail. For the first time in history we have the director of the National Institutes of Health enunciating in a public worldwide forum one of the principal reasons why young children should not be vaccinated at all: they don't have a mature immune system. Absolutely true. No child is born with an intact immune system. That very complex biological symphony of interrelated allergic responses, antibodies, antigens, self-recognition, cell response, etc -- about which we still have only the most fragmented and vaguest knowledge -- struggles its way into existence during the early years of the child's life. It needs no help, no interference, no enormous experimental toxic load, especially one that is politically contrived, in its fight to survive.

But reacting to his training, Fauci expertly sidetracks us from that fact of nature to a landmark illusion of American pseudo-science: pretending that a flu shot in a 6 month old is a gentle natural gradual normal immune-building stimulus that will coax the infant immune system into being. Fauci then absurdly follows that falsehood with a sublimely idiotic non-sequitur: the subsequent booster shot 'revs up the immune system'. Revs up the immune system. Jesus wept. This is not the president of Harley Davidson talking here, my friends. This is the director of the Institute that is in charge of providing funding for all the medical research done in this country, controlling an industry that is in excess of $1.2 trillion annually. And this is his perception of the normal development of an infant's immune system: an engine that needs to be 'revved up'. This is the individual who controls policies and input and decisions on what substances will be mandated into your child's bloodstream.

Revs up the immune system.

Now let's take a look at the actual NIH document of 21 Sep 09 that the Associated Press 'reporter' was supposed to be summarizing: Early Results: In Children, 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Works Like Seasonal Flu Vaccine.

The very first sentence tells us that we're talking about preliminary analysis of a very small group within the study, showing these promising 76% findings. Easy to see misrepresentation right here-- the AP article led us to believe these high numbers were conclusive final evidence from complete studies. 76% favorable response would be a gratifying long term result in any major study, but we find out that is only after 10 days, looking at 25 children within the entire sample of 600 subjects.

The NIH report is further compromised in its own second paragraph when it quotes Fauci prematurely ejaculating these minor preliminary findings into an overblown sales pitch for a completely untested experimental vaccine, immediately making policy statements based on this tiny amount of skewed information: It seems likely that the H1N1 flu vaccine will require just one 15-microgram dose for children 10 to 17 years of age.

Oh, does it really seem likely, Tony? Does it indeed? Well we're certainly grateful to have someone like you at the helm, someone whose instincts and feelings we can trust without actually carrying out the complete scientific experiments.

We then learn that there are actually five similar clinical trials on the new swine flu vaccine being carried out in various locations, all having just begun, all scheduled to be complete in about 6 months: spring of 2010. And yet the AP article has just informed us that the swine flu vaccine will be available in less than one month! Untested and unlicensed.

Going now to the recent published report (17 Sep 09) of one of the five swine flu vaccine clinical trials, the one by Sanofi Pasteur ( )
we learn the trial began in July 2009 and will go until April 2010. The sample size is 650 children. These children are all receiving doses of an H1N1 vaccine, although whether it's all the same strain is never addressed. They just refer to is as the 2009 H1N1 virus, whatever that may be. As we learned in the swine flu chapter at there are dozens of strains of H1N1 virus, none of which has ever been proven to be the cause of any disease in humans. Including swine flu. So even though this fact is uncontested, what is certain is that the swine flu vaccines will all contain derivatives of the H1N1 virus. And that's what all of America will be getting.

Now let's ruminate on that fact for one second here and not gloss over it. Swine flu as a disease has never been proven to exist. Caught up in the media-driven hysteria of global pandemic, thousands of cases of something in several countries have been counted as swine flu for the past 5 months without any testing whatsoever. Three months ago the specter of H1N1 was raised, with no conclusive proof of being anything all the cases had in common. But if we have to make a vaccine, we need a pathogen, and this was the best theory they had: H1N1.

After a month, with no conclusive testing of the dozens of strains of H1N1 that exist, the claim was suddenly made that swine flu was being caused by a "novel" H1N1 virus, now called the 2009 H1N1 virus. No proof of testing on how they supposedly discovered that one novel strain was ever offered or brought forth, or even asked for, from any scientific quarter. At the same time the CDC continued to maintain on their website that a positive test for swine flu was merely the presence of any Influenza A virus, of which there are hundreds of strains.

It was almost as though we were watching the birth of a religion here -- unsubstantiated claims, vacillating science, relentless hype from irresponsible media trying to stay ahead of the curve, government bureaucrat officials falling all over themselves to magnify the potential of the global threat, lest anyone accuse them of playing it down, followed by hundreds of millions in contracts being awarded to several vaccine manufacturers to create 250 million doses.

All this internet noise about mandatory swine flu vaccination evoking Third Reich policies of quarantining the objectors in stadiums or mass detention centers ( which actually is law in this country at present, part of the Homeland Security Act) all this will be completely unnecessary. There's no need to make swine flu vaccine mandatory. Most people can't wait to get it.

In the midst of everything we do not know, one fact is certain: without hyperbole or sensationalism, the new swine flu vaccine coming next month, untested and unlicensed, will be the most dangerous immunological experiment on this country's children in the past 30 years.


America's H1N1 Expert Says Scientists Are Clueless About Side Effects to Vaccinations

America's H1N1 Expert Says Scientists
Are Clueless About
Side Effects to Vaccinations
By Len Horowitz


Los Angeles--America's leading promoter of getting vaccinated for the H1N1 flu, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has admitted knowing nil about how human immunity responds to vaccinations, according an interview published by Bloomberg.

Dr. Fauci's stunning admission came in response to questions raised by a study of 16,000 volunteers vaccinated against HIV with results alleged to be promising, but for reasons unknown. The unexpected outcome "tells us that we don't even know what the correlates of immunity are," Dr. Fauci said, referring to the measurable signs that a person has developed immunity to genetically-engineered surrogate viruses now used in the new flu vaccines.

"This is what honest intelligent vaccine critics have been saying all along," said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained emerging diseases expert that has condemned vaccinations as "outlandishly barbaric and horrific, with risks far worse than using blood-letting leeches."

"Dr. Fauci's statement evidences the fraud and ignorance underlying vaccination programs in general," Dr. Horowitz said. "Fauci admits being clueless about the fundamentals of immunity operating bioenergetically or electro-genetically, not chemically, that vaccine proponents criminally neglect to prosper by poisoning people."

Dr. Horowitz recommends vitamins C and D, and covalently-bonded silver hydrosols that safely electrocute viruses, parasites, and pathogenic bacteria, instead of using intoxicating vaccines and drugs that produce horrible side effects. He also recommends healthy lifestyles beyond hand-washing and mask-wearing. He says that alkalizing diets with good pH8 hydration can protect people completely against the flu and most chronic diseases.

Government health "experts" leading "biopreparedness" campaigns, including Dr. Fauci, neglect these common sense, highly effective, low cost, no risk alternatives to deadly vaccinations. They exclusively promote flu vaccines "fast-tracked" for administration this fall; falsely claiming their safety and efficacy.

"There's no possible way these "fast-track trials," lasting only six weeks, can assure safety," Dr. Horowitz warns. "Most vaccine injuries occur months, not weeks, following injection."

In evidencing Dr. Fauci's fraud, Dr. Horowitz encourages everyone to discern author reliability. Fauci is the senior author of a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine that neglected important historical facts concerning the genetics of this novel H1N1 virus.(See: NEJM Vol. 361;3:225-229, July 16, 2009) Other authors in the same publication provided more thorough disclosures supporting Dr. Horowitz's claim that "laboratory sourced" outbreaks occurred in 1977 and probably by military experiment in 1976. "This H1N1 flu virus was also "laboratory sourced," Dr Horowitz says. It is clearly a combination of Asian bird, Mexican pig, and human corpse virus from the 1918 Spanish flu that vaccine-makers dug up despite protests by scientists worldwide."

In Horowitz's view, Fauci is guilty of "gross criminal negligence" and "drug prostitution" with direction from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is material fact that the CIA, David Rockefeller, and associates in the Partnership for New York City (PNYC) including Co-Chairman Rupert Murdoch, news releases and dissemination of intelligence by Fauci's agency, the NIAID, and "biopreparedness" policies generally, for "national security" according to their own documents and the Washington Post.

"Pro-vaccine propagandists, like Fauci, never openly discuss the risk of bioengineered "live" viruses for vaccines that might mutate further. The H1N1 vaccine's virus was designed to mutate easily for splicing together deadly genes. More recombination is assured as new mutants circulate through live-bodies worldwide," Dr. Horowitz said.

"This is a compelling reason to stop vaccinating people immediately," Dr. Horowitz explains. "People need to wake up and reject these vaccinations. It's insane to advance this H1N1 vaccine program knowing the likelihood of creating worse pandemics, unless your intention is depopulation."

Last week Dr. Horowitz sent the FBI an official AFFIDAVIT. Legal groups are using this AFFIDAVIT to petition courts for injunctions against the FDA and state health officials that are certifying the new flu vaccines" safety. Toxicology science proves otherwise.

Dr. Horowitz's AFFIDAVIT provides several indicting disclosures regarding Dr. Fauci, including his close friendship with the infamous AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Gallo, credited for allegedly co-discovering HIV. Dr. Fauci is a co-patent holder on an ingredient used in the new vaccines for AIDS and H1N1 flu. The chemical is called interkeukin-2 (IL-2) and it is thought to boost cellular immunity. (See patent No. 5,696,079; Dec. 9, 1997) Fauci credits Gallo for his co-discoveries in the field advancing IL-2, the "immunologic enhancement" of vaccines and other "geneto-pharmaceuticals." This discovery is central to all gene therapies and the future of vaccines. The assignee on this patent is "The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health" that licensed IL-2 to CHIRON Corporation for use with other vaccine additives called "adjuvants."

The Associated Press reported that Fauci received at least $45,072.82 in royalties when the government licensed IL-2 to CHIRON, the drug industry's major supplier of chemicals. The IL-2 adjuvant is formulated with other toxic chemicals including nonoxynol-9, a spermicide and HIV-killer linked to spontaneous abortions, and thimerosal, causing brain damage and widespread autism in children. Fauci, allegedly, donated his IL-2 royalties to charity to avoid conflict-of-interest charges. But he admitted it was his decision to withhold disclosures to patients and reporters researching IL-2 in the trials that he supervised.

CHIRON Corporation makes the leading adjuvant for the H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine named "MF59." The product also contains a tremendously toxic "oil in water" immuno-poison called squalene. Substantial scientific evidence and US Congressional testimonies condemned squalene's link to Gulf War Syndrome following its use in anthrax vaccines. Squalene is even more concentrated in the H1N1 flu vaccines produced for sales overseas by the American-based Baxter Corporation.

"I am aware that IL-2 is the "common denominator" among immune system functions, and can cause severe side effects," Dr. Horowitz wrote for Dr. Horowitz remains concerned that CHIRON may be adding IL-2 in is "proprietary" formula secreting this knowledge so that Fauci's conflicting interests, and close ties to leading drug industrialists, go unnoticed.

In a recent study, IL-2 caused no benefit whatsoever stimulating the immune systems of 5,800 subjects at a cost of $85 million. CHIRON and taxpayers paid the tab. Yet, more money and time will be spent researching Fauci's co-discovery to advance next generation vaccines and "geneto-pharmaceuticals."

Fauci's ignorance, knowing nil about the "correlates of immunity" affected by vaccine toxicity is unnerving. NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Dr. Horowitz is the author of sixteen books including the best-selling, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? credited by Barack Obama's estranged minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for evidencing Anglo-American genocide. For more information about the dangers of flu vaccinations, see Dr. Horowitz's comprehensive website Dr. Horowitz's recommendations for flu prevention and prompt remediation are in the FLU "
CAM/FLU_%22TO_DOs%22.html>TO Dos" section of, along with links to his endorsed silver hydrosol formulated to make vaccinations and antibiotics unnecessary. See: or call toll free, 1-888-KO-GERMS, for more information.

217 Cedar St., Suite #326, Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-265-8065 (E-mail)


What is the objective of the world authorities in destroying people’s health, both in industrialized countries and in the Third World?

Canadian doctor asks: who benefits from toxic vaccines and genocide?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 08:32

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Canadian doctor questions the rationale for compulsory vaccination programs
Why Vaccination Continues, by Ghislaine Lanctot, M.D.

What is the objective of the world authorities in destroying people’s health, both in industrialized countries and in the Third World? It is always difficult to presume the intentions of others, particularly when one is not close to them. And this is true in this instance. But there are certainly advantages for someone, somewhere, to so doggedly keep-up the campaign for vaccinations, by any and all means possible. They must profit someone, somewhere. One thing is certain. It is not to our advantage. In order to determine what these advantages are, and for whom, let us stop and look at the CONSEQUENCES of these massive vaccination programs and draw our own conclusions.

1. Vaccination is expensive and represents a cost of one billion dollars annually. It therefore benefits the industry; most notably, the multinational manufacturers. One sells the vaccines. The other then provides the arsenal of medications to respond to the numerous complications that follow. Their profits increase while our expenses go through the roof. To the point where we have simply had it up to here and are ready to accept the unacceptable, such as socialized medicine in the United States, for example.

2. Vaccination stimulates the immune system, the body’s defense mechanism. Repeated, vaccination exhausts the immune system. It gives a false sense of security and, in doing so, it opens the door wide to all kinds of illnesses. Notably, to those related to AIDS, which can only develop on ripe ground, where the immune system has been disturbed. It causes AIDS to explode. It ensures that the illness flourishes perpetually.

3. Vaccination leads to social violence and crime. What better way to destabilize a country than to disarm its inhabitants, and reinforce police and military control? The authorities subtly create situations of panic and fear among the population which, in turn, necessitate the reinforcement of “protection measures”, including forbidding citizens from owning weapons. The authorities then come across as saviours and strengthen their control. It is certain that, in order to impose a single world army, one must first disarm the citizens of every country. One must therefore create violence, if they are to achieve this disarmament, particularly in the United States where the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution.

4. Vaccination encourages medical dependence and reinforces belief in the inefficiency of the body. It creates people who need permanent assistance. It replaces the confidence one has in oneself with a blind confidence in others, outside ourselves. It leads to loss of personal dignity, in addition to making us financially dependent. It draws us into the vicious circle of sickness (fear – poverty – submission) and, in this way, ensures the submission of the herd so as to better dominate and exploit it. And then lead them to the abattoir. To slaughter.

Vaccination also encourages the moral and financial dependence of Third World countries. It perpetuates the social and economic control of Western countries over them.

5. Vaccination camouflages the real socio-political problems of poverty of some due to exploitation by others, and results in techno-scientific pseudo-solutions that are so complicated and sophisticated that patients cannot understand them. In addition, vaccination diverts funds which should be used to help improve living conditions, and channels them into the banks of the multinationals. It widens the gap between the dominant rich and the exploited poor.

6. Vaccination decimates populations. Drastically in Third World countries. Chronically in industrialized countries. In this regard, the former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State in the United States, who ordered massive bombing of Vietnam, and member of the Expanded Program on Immunization, Robert McNamara, made some very interesting remarks. As reported by a French publication, “j’ai tout compris”, he was quoted as stating:

“One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means. Famine and sickness.” (Translation)

7. Vaccination enables the selection of populations to be decimated. It facilitates targeted genocide. It permits one to kill people of a certain race, a certain group, a certain country. And to leave others untouched. In the name of health and well-being, of course.

Take Africa, for example. We have witnessed the almost total disappearance of certain groups. Some 50% dead, estimate the most optimistic. Some 70% dead, according to the less optimistic. As if by chance, many were in the same region, such as Zaire, Uganda, the extreme south of the Sudan. In 1967, at Marburg in Germany, seven researchers, working with green African monkeys, died of an unknown hemorrhagic fever. In 1969, also by chance, the same sickness killed one thousand people in Uganda. In 1976, a new unknown hemorrhagic fever killed in the south of Sudan. Then in Zaire.

It is noteworthy that sincel968, virologists (virus specialists) have installed their sophisticated equipment in certain hospitals in Zaire.

At a CIA hearing, Dr. Gotlieb, a cancerologist, admitted having dispersed, in 1960, a large quantity of viruses in the Congo River (in Zaire) to pollute it and contaminate all the people who used the river as their source of water. Dr. Gotlieb was named to head up the National Cancer Institute!

A couple of years ago, Reuters reported: ‘An illness similar to AIDS has killed 60,000 in the south of Sudan. They call the illness, the killer. Families, whole villages, have disappeared This illness, the Kala-azar, takes the form of a fever and toss of weight. The symptoms are the same as those of AIDS The immune system is deficient and one dies of other infections.”

It is obvious that Africa, particularly those countries in the center and to the south, contain fabulous resources that have always incited westerners to crush their inhabitants to take over their riches. And beware anyone who stands in their way. The colonies have disappeared. But not colonialism.

8. Vaccination serves as a form of experimentation, to test new products on a great sampling of a population. Under the guise of health and the well being of the population, people are vaccinated against a pseudo-epidemic with products that one wants to study. The vaccine of hepatitis B seems to be the choice of authorities to accomplish this goal. Yet, this vaccine is manufactured by a process of genetic manipulation. And it is much more dangerous than the traditional vaccine because it inoculates into the body cells that are foreign to its genetic code. Moreover; this vaccine is produced from virus cultivated on the ovaries of Chinese hamsters. One can only imagine what future generations will look like! But there is more. It is also reported to cause cancer of the liver. Despite all that, it enjoys great popularity among the authorities, who impose it first on all those who work in the health field, and then on the rest of the population.

In 1986, the medical authorities administered the vaccine against hepatitis B to Native Indian children in Alaska, without any explanation or the consent of their parents. Many children fell ill. And several died. It seems there was a virus called RSV (Rous Sarcoma Virus) in the vaccine. (1)

American Indian tribes have been subjected to many vaccinations. Let us be aware that they are difficult to beat into submission, and they own vast tracts of land which the authorities would like to have for their own benefit.

Recently when I met a group of Native women to chat about health with them, the subject of vaccinations cropped up. I was giving them some information on the topic when, suddenly, the group’s nurse confided in me that the federal government had given her complete freedom in the management of their health, but on one strict condition. That every vaccination had to be scrupulously applied to all. The silence was deafening. We all understood.

In 1988, the Ambassador of Senegal gave a radio interview reporting on the ravages of AIDS in his country where entire villages were being decimated. A few years earlier, scientific and medical teams had come to vaccinate their inhabitants against hepatitis B.

In 1978, a new vaccine was tested on homosexuals in New York. And in 1980, on those in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St-Louis. Officially, this “new vaccine” was against hepatitis B and, as we now know, it caused many of them to die from AIDS. It sounded the “official” beginning of the AIDS epidemic in 1981.

The vaccination program of homosexuals against hepatitis B was led by Saint W.H.O. and the National Institute of Health . There are reports of collaboration between these two organizations in 1970 to study the consequences of certain viruses and bacteria introduced to children during vaccination campaigns. In 1972, they transformed this study to focus on the viruses which provoked a drop in the immune mechanism.

Wolf Szmuness directed the anti-hepatitis B experiments undertaken in New York. He had very close links with the Blood Centre where he had his laboratory, the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the FDA., the W.H.O., and the Schools of Public Health of Cornell, Yale, and Harvard.

In 1994 a vast vaccination campaign against hepatitis B was undertaken in Canada. It is both useless, dangerous and costly. And what for? Is there a hidden agenda? I note that the Province of Quebec is a particular target, over the course of three years.

- 1992: vaccination against meningitis
- 1993: re-vaccination against meningitis
- 1994: vaccination against hepatitis B.

I was there in 1993. It troubled me to see that it was aimed at a whole generation (1 to 20 years), in only one province. Since when do viruses respect borders, and specially provincial ones at that? The facts are:

- There was no epidemic, nor risk of one. Epidemiologists confirmed it.
- Not one but three different vaccines were administered, each in a designated area.
- Certain nurses were selected and trained to administer a special vaccine.
- All children were entered into a computerized data bank.
- The pressure to vaccinate the children was enormous. Schools were turned into clinics. Those who did not want to be vaccinated were pointed out and treated as social outcasts.
- Nurses chased down parents at home who did not want their pre-school children vaccinated.

I had a direct account of one of these kids. The mother did not want her child vaccinated The nurse who came to the house made her believe that it was compulsory. The mother gave in… The child is now handicapped: physically and mentally (paralyzed spastic).

- The vaccination cost $30 million.

Why was there such a murderous will. Like Native peoples, the people of Quebec are also a “bother”. They believe in their cultural identity and in sovereignty. What is more, Quebec with its Native territories, encompasses huge reservoirs of water which many a multinational have their eyes on. As an acquaintance of mine who sits on the California water management board said, “Water today is gold.” Could one think of a more appropriate biological weapon to possibly remove any impediments to accessing that resource?

9. Vaccinations permit epidemiological studies of populations to collect data on the resistance of different ethnic groups to different illnesses. It permits one to study the reactions of the immune systems of large numbers of the population to an antigen (virus, microbe) injected by vaccination. Should it be within the framework of the fight against an existing illness, or one that has been provoked.

In 1987, certain American laboratories and the Department of Biotechnology of India signed an agreement authorizing the testing of genetically manufactured vaccines on the people of India. This agreement was met with fierce opposition because it gave access to epidemiological and immunity profiles of a population. This data is extremely important from a military standpoint. It is even more valuable because India has never experienced yellow fever. And, at time of writing this book, it had known only a handful case of AIDS. Over and above all that, the private American laboratories proposed to test products on the Indian population for which they had no right to test in the United States! And the Indian authorities acquiesced!

10. Vaccination is a biological weapon at the service of biological warfare. It permits the targeting of people of a certain race, and leaves the others who are close by more or less untouched. It makes it possible to intervene in the hereditary lineage of anyone selected. A new speciality is born. Genetic engineering. It is flourishing, enjoys much prestige, and is receiving substantial research hinds. The challenge is staggering. To find a vaccine which gives an illness against which we already have the vaccine! In this way, we would be able to send in troops who have already been vaccinated against the killer vaccine, which they would then spread among the enemy. It is absolutely crazy and insane!

Meanwhile, industrial theft is in full swing. Captain and biologist of the US Navy at Fort Detrick, Neil Levitt, reported the disappearance of 2.35 liters of an experimental vaccine. A dose sufficient to contaminate the entire world. Fort Detrick is a research laboratory which manufactures vaccines. It is located quite close to Washington, in Maryland, and it is attached to the National Cancer Institute at Bethesda, a suburb of the capital.

It is hardly astonishing that, in every major vaccination campaign, one finds the same tangled web. Government, the military, Saint W.H.O., financiers, researchers, laboratories, universities, the CIA, and the World Bank.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that:

In the name of the defense of our countries, we manufacture the most murderous of weapons. War; whether it be biological or not, is war. And weapons kill. Biological warfare is a giant business, largely financed BY OUR FUNDS, through the medium of the military, research, and our donations. It is also financed, and without our knowledge, BY OUR LIVES. Those of our children and of millions of innocents who have been sacrificed. It is we, those who live in the Western world, who are responsible for all the illnesses and acts of genocide in the world. By our acceptance of vaccinations, both at home and abroad.

Extracted with permission from The Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. ISBN 0964412608 (p.126-131)

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Misleading - Preliminary Injunction To Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination In The US Has Been Issued

Misleading - Preliminary Injunction To Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination In The US Has Been Issued
From Devvy Kidd 8-11-9

I try to avoid whizzing matches, but this latest post has my blood boiling because it is so misleading. It is also being forwarded all over the Internet as truth. My mail box has been filing up all day with Victory! because of the article linked below.

Reading this article on Natural leads people to believe there was an injunction issued by a Federal Court when the court shows no such action.

At the bottom is email forwarded to me with these headlines:

Preliminary Injunction to Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination in the U.S. Has Been Issued

"(NaturalNews) -- A Preliminary Injunction to stop mandatory vaccinations has been issued in the United States District Court of New Jersey. This comes after a federal lawsuit opposing forced vaccines was filed in that court by Tim Vawter, pro se attorney, on July 31st with the federal government as defendant. When the judge signs the Preliminary Injunction, it will stop the federal government from forcing anyone in any state to take flu vaccine against their will. It will also prevent a state or local government from forcibly vaccinating anyone, and forbid any person who is not vaccinated from being denied any services or constitutional rights. Vawter's filings included a Complaint, and several pages of evidentiary Exhibits."


I can find zero proof a Priminary Injunction has been issued. Mr. Vawter filed documents with the court, but as of three hours ago, nothing has been issued by a judge and there has been no hearing.

I asked my friend who has been an attorney over 30 years (mostly in the federal courts) and subscribes to PACER to obtain the docket for me so I could verify the claims made in the Natural News piece. He said no injunction has been issued by the court.

But, wait, what does it also say above? "When the judge signs the Preliminary Injunction..." You can't have it both ways. "Has been issued" and "When the judge signs" are two different things in the legal world.

Here is the only action on that case number from the court's own docket:

Date Filed # Docket Text

07/31/2009 1 Complaint Received. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Summons, # 3

Application IFP)(eaj) # 4 Text of Proposed Order) (Entered: 07/31/2009)

07/31/2009 2 MOTION for Preliminary Injunction To Forbid Forced Flu Vaccinations by

TIM VAWTER. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order)(eaj) (Entered:

07/31/2009)l Query l Reportsv l Utilitiesv l Logout

CM/ECF LIVE - U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey

08/07/2009 3 Letter from Tim Vawter with Exhibit H. (Exhibit H is a DVD and has been forwarded to Chambers) (Attachments: # 1 Affidavit of Tim Vawter)(gxh)

(Entered: 08/07/2009)

Where is proof stated in the paragraphs below from the Natural News article posted today? Where is notification of a hearing? Where is this order signed by either Judge Joel A. Pisano or Magistrate Judge Tonianne J. Bongiovanni? If Ms. Minton, the author of the piece, has such proof, why wasn't it linked in her piece?

Preliminary Injunction will immediately halt mandatory vaccinations in the U.S.

"The Court, having heard the Motion for Preliminary Injunction and read the papers in its support, states in the Preliminary Injunction that it appears the federal government has engaged in some amount of negligence with regards to failure to properly investigate the safety of the flu vaccines scheduled for use in late 2009-2010, and the evidence submitted does warrant a more thorough investigation into the safety of the flu vaccines.

"The Court ordered that the government shall be forbidden from forcing any person to be required to take any influenza vaccination against that person's free will and free choice. The government will not allow any state or local government, or any party, to force any person to be required to take any influenza vaccination against that person's free will and free choice."

"It is further ordered that the government shall not deny any constitutional rights.." What order?

According to the court's own docket, the court has heard nothing. The court has not ordered "the government shall be forbidden...."

The last action listed on the court's docket is by Mr. Vawter on August 7, 2009. A letter forwarded by him to Chambers.

Mr. Vawter filed a set of papers requesting the court stop mandatory vaccinations in the U.S.

There is no such requirement at this time except those covered by the states under their mandatory programs, primarily for health care workers. Neither the CDC, Congress, the usurper president or any other agency has issued a mandatory vaccination order, edit, decree or otherwise for the N1H1 flu.

I wrote a short piece about Mr. Vawter's filing and why I believe the court will throw it out:

This is the direct link to the first set of documents:

Both filings have been given the same case number:

District of New Jersey [LIVE] (Trenton)



At the bottom of the Natural News piece it gives a site which has posted a similar document, but that one is 11 pages plus two pages of exhibits listed; it also calls for monetary damages, the original three page submission does not.

I sent Ms. Minton an email requesting she provide copies of the court order and hearing to substantiate her statements.


Natural News Pulls Article - Apologizes

Preliminary Injunction to Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination in the U.S. Has Been Issued (correction)

(NaturalNews) Editor's Note -- It has come to our attention that the following article is factually incorrect. It was written by a contributing writer, then approved by an in-house editor who did not catch the significant errors in this article. As a result of these significant errors, and due to our commitment to publishing only true and accurate information to the best of our ability, we have made an editorial decision to reject further articles from this author.

NaturalNews deeply regrets this unintentional error, and we are brainstorming new ways to put in place tighter fact-checking oversight so that the same mistake does not happen again in the future. We thank all those who have brought this important matter to our attention, and we pledge to increase our efforts to reject stories that contain factual inaccuracies. We only include the full text of the story below so that readers may reference what the original article incorrectly stated, even though we now know the article is factually incorrect. Thank you, - Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews

Original article
judge rules against compulsory vaccinations
30 years after compulsory vaccination became US Law:

US Court issues an injunction to stop it and to hold the the government and drug companies responsible for reactions.

A Preliminary Injunction to stop mandatory vaccinations has been
issued in the United States District Court of New Jersey. This comes after a
federal lawsuit opposing forced vaccines was filed in that court by Tim
Vawter, pro se attorney, on July 31st with the federal government as
defendant. When the judge signs the Preliminary Injunction, it will stop the
federal government from forcing anyone in any state to take flu vaccine
against their will. It will also prevent a state or local government from
forcibly vaccinating anyone, and forbid any person who is not vaccinated
from being denied any services or constitutional rights. Vawter’s filings
included a Complaint, and several pages of evidentiary Exhibits.

Vawter’s legal papers have been written not only for filing in federal
court, but additionally so they can be looked at by activists around the
world for ideas on filing lawsuits in their own countries to help stop
forced vaccinations. Vawter believes that as the truth of the dangers of flu
vaccines continues to become known, banning the forced use of them will
eventually succeed on a worldwide basis. He cautions people to avoid fear
and keep themselves focused on the task of blocking forced vaccination.

Preliminary Injunction will immediately halt mandatory vaccinations in
the U.S.

The Court, having heard the Motion for Preliminary Injunction and read
the papers in its support, states in the Preliminary Injunction that it
appears the federal government has engaged in some amount of negligence with
regards to failure to properly investigate the safety of the flu vaccines
scheduled for use in late 2009-2010, and the evidence submitted does warrant
a more thorough investigation into the safety of the flu vaccines.

The Court ordered that the government shall be forbidden from forcing
any person to be required to take any influenza vaccination against that
person’s free will and free choice. The government will not allow any state
or local government, or any party, to force any person to be required to
take any influenza vaccination against that person’s free will and free

U.S. government sued for gross negligence and violation of the
In his Cause of Action, Vawter charged that the federal government has
engaged in gross negligence by funding and promoting flu vaccines that are
proven to be dangerous and manufactured with little oversight. The vaccines
scheduled for use in late 2009 and 2010 contain heavy metals including
thimerosal mercury, which have been proven to cause autism in children with
lowered immune systems, and other dangerous and toxic ingredients. The
federal government has stated it will force these flu vaccines onto the
American public against their will, under a document signed by Health and
Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

He further charged that the vaccine makers stand to earn billions of
dollars selling vaccines, and are already spending tens of millions
advertising a “Phase 6 Pandemic” that the evidence shows does not really
exist. The federal government has not required the World Health Organization
(WHO) to show evidence of such a pandemic. There has been no collection of
facts, sworn testimony, witnesses being questioned, hearings being held, or
lie detector tests being given when preposterous statements have been made.
The WHO declared a massive “Phase 6 Influenza Pandemic”, even though only a
few hundred people worldwide had so far died of this swine flu virus, and
when far more people die each year of regular flu.

Vawter noted there is a preponderance of evidence to show that the
federal government so poorly trained its employees that they eagerly agreed
with the unsubstantiated claims of the WHO in the face of evidence to the

Forced vaccination would violate the Fourth Amendment of the
Constitution by allowing the government to enter homes and force people to
be vaccinated, or to forcibly remove people to another location for
vaccination. It would also violate Fifth Amendment Constitutional rights by
depriving people of liberty without due process of law.

Vawter charged that the federal government has engaged in gross
negligence by failing to properly investigate factual evidence submitted by
esteemed medical professions over many years which proves flu vaccines have
caused serious damage to people. The CDC has stated that thimerosal mercury
is being used in the new flu vaccines being prepared.

The government has failed to investigate profiteering.. Billions of
dollars in vaccine sales can cause organizations to falsify threats so as to
cause unwarranted public hysteria leading to forced vaccinations.

The government is guilty of gross negligence because its employees
failed to properly investigate the release of a case of live swine flu
virus. One of the main companies the government deals with, Baxter Vaccines,
was apparently involved in the transporting of live bird flu virus that was
released on a public train earlier this year. A lab technician with the
Swiss National Center for Influenza in Geneva had traveled to Zurich to
collect eight ampoules, five of which were filled with the H1N1 swine flu
virus. However, failure of the dry ice in their container allowed pressure
to build up, and the ampoules exploded as the train was pulling into a

The highly reputable UK newspaper “the Telegraph” reported on July 2nd
that flu vaccines tested on homeless people caused twenty-one of them to
Vawter charged there is a preponderance of evidence to show that
government will not provide people being vaccinated with a list of the
vaccine ingredients and possible negative side effects before they are
vaccinated. Most of the public will not know this flu vaccine contains
thimerosal mercury.

Vawter submitted an Order to force the government to publish vaccine
ingredients and side effects, and to give this information to everyone who
takes a flu vaccine, and do so at least 3 days prior to their vaccination. A
denial of this order would violate Plaintiff’s rights to demand the
government obey the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by requiring it
to engage in freedom of speech. The First Amendment not only allows a
citizen to have freedom of speech himself, but it allows a citizen to demand
his government engage in freedom of speech when it is promoting the use of
such as these vaccinations to the public.

The government proclamation stating a person cannot sue for any
damages he receives from the flu vaccine, completely bypasses the congress
and the court system in violation of the Seventh Amendment of the
Constitution which grants the right to sue to recover for damages. Vawter
submitted an Order to deem unconstitutional any proclamation, rule or
similar law that forbids people from suing for damages resulting from the
vaccines of 2009 and 2010.

Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Founder of ‘THE NEW BIOLOGY’
LIVING’T for Health.


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